Glamour photography or glamour shots focus on the beauty of the woman in the photograph. There is no one specific style of glamour photos. Some portray confidence, others highlight physical beauty and charm. From sensual and provocative to revealing and alluring, glamour photography features good taste, divine beauty, and luxury.

Glamour photography shares many characteristics of boudoir photography. In fact, boudoir is a sub-genre of glamour, and while all boudoir shoots are glamour, not all glamour shoots are boudoir.

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For the wife, glamour photography is often about creating a unique gift for their spouse. Models and actresses use glamour for their portfolios, social media and to seek fame.

Boudoir photography is more often done for the woman herself, helping her to feel confidence in her body. Although boudoir albums are also great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Wedding boudoir is another popular gift for a bride to give herself and the album is a wonderful gift for her fiancé.

Why have a glamour or boudoir photography session?

People have a tendency to look in the mirror and find imperfections. These “flaws” become a mental obstacle that can cause doubt and have a profound impact on your life. The sad thing is, most people see the whole person without looking at our scars and blemishes.

This means you are criticizing yourself for something no one else cares about. Why do that? If you wouldn’t say something to someone else, why would you say it to yourself?

No matter how incredible you look, negative thoughts can make you unhappy with your body.

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This is where boudoir and glamour phototherapy helps!

It is time to stop shaming your body and start celebrating it. Your scars are from battles you’ve conquered. Stretch marks may come from weight fluctuations, puberty growth spurts or pregnancy. Again, all things that have made you who you are and a part of your life story.

They are nothing to be ashamed of. No body is perfect. Read that again: No body is perfect.

Boudoir or glamour photography doesn’t have to be risqué. The best boudoir photos can be tasteful, elegant and beautiful. It is the perfect way to celebrate yourself, by being the center of attention at your own photoshoot.

Seeing your true beauty through the eyes of another is empowering. Your confidence will soar and you’ll feel beautiful both inside and out.

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