A client in my studio a few weeks ago said she found me through Google. I asked her about the search and she told me she wasn’t familiar with the term boudoir, so she looked for a bedroom photography studio near her.

Curious, that evening I did a search for bedroom photography studio. As a photographer, Google thought I was looking for information on how to set up a photography studio in my bedroom.

It is amazing how the algorithms helped her find a boudoir studio and showed me something different.


Are You Interested In Planning A Beauty + Boudoir Experience?

Let me tell you about my home boudoir studio in Westminster, MD. The upstairs has been transformed into a cozy, two room studio. Both rooms get amazing natural light, which streams in through the double windows in the afternoon. That is why I try to schedule most boudoir shoots for that time frame.

One room is my portrait studio, where a variety of backdrops allow me to create different looks and feels for each client. The other is the boudoir, a bedroom photography studio complete with luxurious faux fur throws and furnishings.

The studios are equipped with professional lighting, stylish props and offer a stimulating atmosphere for your photoshoot.

bedroom photography studio

You’re special and your boudoir photos should be too!

My studio offers a unique experience personalized for each client. The sessions are designed to bolster your confidence, empower you and allow you to reconnect with your femininity.

Our professional makeup artist will transform you from an everyday woman into a supermodel. I will coach you during the shoot so you can pose in ways that will flatter your look. You will walk out of my studio feeling excited, fearless, flawless and ready to take on the world.

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Your Privacy Is Important!

I do all photography and editing myself with the utmost privacy. Your images will NEVER be shared unless you decide to sign an image release. While many of my clients want to inspire other women to experience boudoir for themselves, others wish to keep their images private. You make that call.


Think You Can’t Do It? YOU CAN!

Approximately 91% of all women are unhappy with their bodies. As a photographer, I also photograph a lot of models. Even they have body issues and concerns about their looks.

The media portrays females in an unrealistic way, causing many women to feel bad about themselves. The truth is, no two bodies are the same and no body is perfect. Your body is meant to be the way it is, so celebrate that fact!

Boudoir is a self-love experience to empower women of all shapes, ages, sizes and ethnicities.

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Rediscover You

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone, boost your confidence and try something new? It is time to appreciate your body for all it has done for you. It is time to claim your self worth and fall in love with all that is you!

I am dedicated to creating an unforgettable boudoir experience that is all about you. So let’s talk …

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