Boudoir photography helps women realize how desireable they are. It involves body acceptance and embracing who you are as a person.

Real life isn’t perfect – and perfect is never real. 

For years the media has portrayed the beauty of women using editing to remove any flaws. It has created doubt and insecurity among so many.  It is impossible to live up to an airbrushed picture of enhanced perfection.

A boudoir photo shoot is your chance to get magazine quality images that reflect who you really are. 

These help my clients to fall in love with themselves all over again. 

Because we are focusing on real life, most boudoir photographers will do very little retouching to an image. What good would an edited image do, except make you feel like the only way you are beautiful is if you are Photoshopped.

I’ve put together a short video that shows some minor retouching done here at the studio. Take a minute to watch, and I’ll give you some more information on retouching a boudoir photo afterward.


This young lady was absolutely beautiful. As I mentioned in the video, she has a few blemishes. I feel blemishes should be removed when retouching a boudoir photo. They are not permanent marks. Since they will fade an vanish, why have them in the photograph? Again, my opinion, but you shouldn’t.

I also mentioned she was sensitive about a scar on her forehead.

Now I’m going to share an important secret!

Most marks on skin are a result of the way light hits the subject. In many of her photos, the scar wasn’t even visible!  The same with some other small marks.

I’ve taken photos of women in the studio and shown them the results on the back of my camera. One had stretch marks and they weren’t visible because of the lighting and the way I positioned the shot. She thought I had somehow edited the photo as I was taking it!

When people look in a mirror, they search for things that will become an issue. But for most people, when you look at someone else, you see the whole person, not a perceived flaw.

In the case of the young lady above, I knew she wanted to make sure the scar did not show in her final images, so I retouched the image to hide the line. In that case, I felt the retouch was justified. But I also showed her some un-retouched images where the scar wasn’t visible – and she was floored! What had always been an issue for her, suddenly became less of a stigma.

And that, is what a boudoir photo is all about!


This retouch article and video was made possible by consent of the model.
I’d like to thank her again for being confident enough to allow me to share this with you.

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