Boudoir celebrates the beauty of the human form, while empowering the subject of the art. Many boudoir photographers shoot the same poses and settings for each client. Creative boudoir photography allows a collaboration of ideas to produce original artworks.

Like all art, the more creative the collaboration, the more personal and artistic the images become. One example of this was the snow boudoir photoshoot I did in early 2021. It was the idea of Caitlin, a member of my team. We collaborated with Anna, a model friend and I provided the composition. The result, a very creative boudoir photoshoot that produced beautiful images.

Another creative boudoir photography idea came about when I began to shoot low key bodyscapes. While the bodyscapes were pure art, I wondered if low key images may be of interest to clients.

After shooting a few boudoir sessions incorporating them, I realized they were very popular! Not only are they different from regular boudoir photos, the low key boudoir images made stunning feature pages in client albums.

Clients are able to make each shot their own by dancing to their favorite tunes. I move about to find the angles and compositions that will highlight their form. It becomes a creative collaboration!

creative low key boudoir photograph

Other creative boudoir photoshoots I have been involved with were Halloween photoshoots, outdoor boudoir, sports boudoir and holiday boudoir. In fact, I love when a client has a creative idea for some photos!

Halloween Boudoir
Even if not a completely themed session, throwing a couple of really creative ideas in the mix makes for a fun shoot. So if you have a creative boudoir photography idea, don’t hesitate to talk with me. Between the two of us, I’m sure we can create the images of your dreams.

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