What is extreme boudoir photography?

Sounds bad or dangerous doesn’t it. Actually, it is exactly the opposite.

The definition of extreme is:
reaching a high, the highest degree or intensity; very great: i.e.: “extreme heat.”

According to the Macmillan dictionary the adjective of extreme is:
very great in degree; considered unreasonable by most people; very unusual …

So extreme boudoir photography is: extremely hot photos of the highest quality and service that most boudoir photographers can’t match.

DIY Boudoir Photos with phone

You deserve the best …

Every woman should feel beautiful and desirable. You take care of others, work hard and give your time. Boudoir is a chance to take some time for yourself, pamper and rediscover your femininity and fall in love with yourself all over again.

A boudoir photography session:

  • renews your confidence,
  • lightens your spirit,
  • inspires you, and
  • helps you reconnect with your inner Goddess.

Even if you are uncomfortable in front of a camera, or never like photos of yourself, we’ll help unleash your supermodel self! It is a time to be free, have fun and be yourself without fear of judgement.

bridal boudoir

How it works …

To learn more about boudoir photography at my Maryland studio, reach out using the form below, or text me to arrange a free call. There is no pressure, I’ll answer your questions and we’ll talk about your reasons for wanting a session.

If you decide you want to move forward, we can get you on the studio schedule and start to plan your ideal extreme boudoir photography photoshoot.


Regain your confidence with a classy, sophisticated, extreme boudoir session.

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