A Halloween Photoshoot For The Wickedly Sexy

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. I turn off my light and eat the candy myself. It’s also the time I get to shoot Halloween boudoir. That is sooooo much fun!

From sexy wicked witches and ghouls to ghosts and goblins, Halloween boudoir offers the chance to do something different. It is the perfect photoshoot if you or your partner loves horror flicks!

The boudoir studio has plenty of props for these shoots. A full sized skeleton could be in bed with you. We’ve got a smoking cauldron to cast your spell over anyone seeing your photos. Pumpkins, skulls, witch hats, tarot cards, a crystal ball, fog and more will add the spooky to your Halloween boudoir session.

Halloween Boudoir Witch with Cauldron
Halloween Boudoir Witch with Fire Spell Book
Halloween Boudoir Witch with skull
Sexy Witch Halloween Boudoir Shoot
Halloween Boudoir Photoshoot
Sexy Halloween Witch Boudoir shoot
Sexy Horror Boudoir
September and early October are the perfect times to schedule your Halloween Boudoir shoot. That allows us time to edit and have your image reveal and ordering session. It is the perfect way to make your Halloween a little sexier!

Horror boudoir is perfect for any time of year. This is for the true fan of horror movies. All photos on this site are shared with the written permission of my clients and unfortunately I have no horror boudoir images I can show you. Maybe you’ll be the first to share your horror pics!

Witch with Candle
Halloween Boudoir Witch flying on a broom

If you’d like to learn more about our Halloween boudoir photoshoots, contact the studio. I’ll be happy to tell you more, answer your questions and if you decide to move forward, get you on our schedule.

Halloween Boudoir Outfit Ideas

So what should you wear for a Halloween boo-doir shoot? Black lingerie always makes a good choice as a base to your outfit. I’ve got some links below so you can check out a few ideas and costumes for your boudoir photoshoot.

Please note the images below are product photos not taken by my studio. If you follow the links, we will get a small affiliate advertising fee for any purchases you make. There is no additional cost to you. See affiliate disclaimer here.

Retro Witch Boudoir Top

Retro Witch Tops $12.00

There are so many possibilities with this top, and the price is right! A vintage medieval renaissance dress that is suitable for Renaissance Boudoir, Medieval Weddings, Pirate Boudoir and of course, Halloween Boudoir!


V-Neck Lace Babydoll – $26.00

The lace delicate is gorgeous – can you tell I love to photograph lace? The manufacturer says it is “soft and good in stretch, which hugs you in all the right places!” Plus the design helps to hide the belly if you are worried about that area.

Another great base outfit for the sexy with or vampire, but also a beautiful piece for a Bridal or Anniversary Boudoir shoot.

Halloween Boudoir Lingerie
Halloween Boo-doir Outfit

Long Sleeved Keyhole Woven Teddy and Thigh Highs $19.50

Long sleeveed and opaque, this criss cross bodysuit and thigh highs would be perfect for a Halloween boudoir photoshoot.

Gothic Witch Top With Sexy Lace Up Patchwork – $18.00

A bit less revealing while still flattering your form. Perfect if you want to add a bit more color to your Halloween boudoir look.
Gothic Halloween Witch Top
Halloween Boudoir Corset

Corset Dress Bustier – $45.00

Another gorgeous outfit for the fashion conscious witch. Look at that lace design! This would be perfect for those sexy witches and vampires who want to flaunt their tops.

Deep V Sexy Lace Bodysuit – $16.00

A very sexy outfit that is perfect for your boudoir session. The plunging neckline and small areas of see-through lace would photograph beautifully. The fact that this is a bodysuit means it is not too revealing. For a Halloween shoot, this is the perfect base for a sexy witch costume.

Deep V Neck Lace Bodysuit
Sheer Mesh Jumpsuit

Long Sleeve Sheer Mesh Bodysuit – 18.00

A sheer bodysuit with a fun geometric pattern. This bodysuit would look amazing on all body shapes and sizes! Underneath you could wear a black bra & panty set, just a thong, or your birthday suit!

Add a bra, panties, a cat tail and some cat ears to become a sexy familiar for Halloween.

Collared Stretch Lace Bustier and Garter Skirt Set – 

This lace bustier comes with a gartered lace skirt to create an edgy boudoir look. Perfect for any boudoir shoot – and definitely Halloween!

Collared Bustier & Garter Skirt Set
Steampunk Corset Skirt

Steampunk Corset Skirt – 43.00

This would look absolutely perfect for the sexy stylish witch. The lace will photograph beautifully giving your photos an added dimension.

Gothic Lace Sheer Jacket Long Dress Gown $58.00

For the stylish vampire or witch. The long skirt allows you to discreetly flash some leg.

Gothic Lace Gown

Other Halloween Boudoir Accessories To Consider

Long hooded robes come in a variety of fabrics to make you look like a part of the coven. Masks can add some extra spice to your outfit as well. Get a wig to change your look and give your Halloween character some extra life. And of course, nails, lashes and colored contacts can add to your possession.

Oh! Don’t forget the Vampire teeth either!

Too late to schedule your Halloween boudoir photoshoot? Why not try some Christmas boudoir instead!

To learn more about our Halloween Boudoir Photography sessions, contact the studio now!

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