It’s getting cooler and sweater season is upon us. As you start to pull those sweaters out of the closet, you may be looking at some great boudoir outfits!

Many women dream about having a boudoir session, but get anxiety over the idea of posing in lingerie. The good news is, you don’t have to wear lingerie for your boudoir photoshoot!

If you aren’t 100% comfortable in your skin, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. A boudoir experience is a perfect step toward self love, but how do you overcome that fear of the session?

It’s simple, choose modest boudoir outfits that make you feel sexy. You can flatter your shape and accent areas you are confident in without showing skin.

A cozy, oversized sweater is perfect for a boudoir photoshoot. A sexy sweater can pair with so many things the combinations are limitless. You can wear it alone, or layer it over other pieces.

boudoir outfit idea

So let’s create that beautiful & alluring girl-next-door feel! To do that, I’ve got some great sexy sweater boudoir ideas for you.

Finding The Perfect Sexy Sweater For Boudoir

Wide Neck Sweaters Are Sexy

Off the shoulder, large V-necks or a wide scoop neck are perfect for a boudoir sweater. This will allow you more options for variations and posing.

Wide Neck Sweater for boudoir photoshoot
Wide Neck Sexy Sweater for Boudoir

Choosing The Correct Fabric For Your Boudoir Sweater

A thick weave sweater adds thickness to your form. That’s probably not what you want for your boudoir photos. I generally recommend a thinner fabric so we can accent your curves.

If you do have a thick weave sweater, be sure it has a larger neck so it can be pulled off your shoulder. That can be a very sexy look and is still pretty modest!

Decide On The Right Sweater Length

You want your boudoir sweater to flatter your shape and style. If you want a more modest boudoir look, you may want to go with a longer sweater. If you want to show some skin, a crop top sweater would be perfect.

Reserved Or Seductive Sweater Boudoir

Your sweater can be modest, appropriate for all to see, or a bit sexier for your partner’s pleasure. If you want to walk on the wild side, a cardigan allows you to show off a bit of skin. You can still keep yourself covered so you don’t feel exposed.

Seductive Sweater Boudoir

Above, the client wore nothing under her cardigan and there were plenty of shots I can’t post on the website. Right, the client wore panties and was a bit more conservative in her look.

Boudoir Posing In A Sexy Sweater

No matter what type of sweater you choose, it will come down to the posing and framing of your photos to create images you love. That’s where I come in. Before the photoshoot, we’ll discuss what type of look and mood you want. We can create mood boards on Pintrest to collaborate. I’m there to help and ensure you have a successful shoot.

Completing Your Sexy Sweater Boudoir Outfit

Now that you know what to look for in a sexy sweater, here are some ideas on adding to it.

Pair the sweater with contrasting lingerie. If your sweater goes off the shoulder, the bra straps add an extra dimension. Later the straps can be pulled down to make your man wonder if you were still wearing it.

For panties, lace panties photograph beautifully, so if your sweater is waist length or higher, they add a lot of detail. Some clients also go bottomless for a super sexy look.

Not wanting to be that daring? For a more modest boudoir look, go with some jeans or shorts for a sexy look.

Another sweater outfit accessory to consider are socks. Knee high, or thigh high socks or lacey stockings will add to your fashion.

Some Sexy Sweater Ideas You May Like:

These sexy sweaters come is a variety of colors and options. If you see a style you like, click the button to learn more and get pricing. This listing contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something I may earn a commission. Thanks!

Sexy Sweater - Off The Shoulder

Off Shoulder Long Sleeve V-Neck Ribbed Cable Pullover

Small to XX-Large

Off Shoulder Long Sleeve Oversized Pullover Tunic Top Sweater Knit Jumper

Small to XX-Large

Sexy Boudoir Sweater

Deep V Neck Wrap Long Sleeve Chunky Cable Knit Jumper Pullover


S to XX-Large

Full Zip Hooded Loose Long Sleeve Lightweight Cardigan Sweaters

Medium to XX-Large

sexy boudoir sweater
Sexy Boudoir Sweater

Knitted Deep V-Neck Long Sleeve Wrap Front Loose Pullover Sweater


S to XX-Large

Long Sleeve Deep V Neck Hand Knit Striped Sweater

Small to XX-Large

Sexy Sweater Boudoir Idea
Sexy Boudoir Sweater

Long Sleeve Cable Knit Sweater Open Front Button Cardigan


S to XX-Large

Knitted Crewneck Sweater Dress

Small to X-Large

Sexy Sweater Dress Idea for Boudoir Outfit
Boudoir Sweater

Oversized Sweater Color Block Off The Shoulder Pullover


S to X-Large

Halter Neck Backless Loose Sweater Tops

Small to XX-Large

Sexy sweater look for boudoir
Boudoir Sweater

Sexy V Neck Hand Knitted Sweater


S to XX-Large

Off Shoulder Boat Neck Waffle Knit Batwing Sleeve Pullover

Small to X-Large

Sexy sweater look for boudoir
Boudoir Sweater

Sexy Open Back Pullover Sweater


S to X-Large

Loose Knitted Sweater Long Sleeve Ripped Pullover Crop Top Sweater

Small to 5X-Large

Sexy sweater look for boudoir
Boudoir Sweater

Casual Off Shoulder V Neck Long Sleeve Cross Wrap Front Sweater


S to X-Large

Hopefully you’ve found these boudoir outfit tips helpful. If you did, please share my sexy sweater boudoir ideas with others.
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