Ms. H’s Beach Boudoir Portrait Photoshoot

Some clients love the idea of posing in nature. One of the most romantic is beach boudoir photography. The water, the sand and the relaxation vibe creates a wonderful setting for the photos.

When shooting beach boudoir, you have to remain flexible. Unless you are on a private beach, chances are people will be around. For this reason, modest lingerie or swimsuits are a great choice of outfits. A wet t-shirt can add a special look too and should be considered.

Following her birthday boudoir photoshoot at my studio, Ms. H. decided she wanted to try some beach boudoir. She found a beach on Maryland’s eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay.

beach boudoir swimsuit photo
candid beach boudoir portrait

All images shared on this website are done so with written permission of my clients. Click on images on this page to enlarge.

I allowed her to scout the location so she could get an idea of where she wanted to shoot. It was in a public park and doing her homework she discovered a permit was needed to take professional photos. She picked one up for about $20.

The morning of the photoshoot, we met a couple of folks on the trails as we hiked back to the secluded beach. The beach was completely empty though, so Ms. H. got a bit daring.

We did have a bit of an audience. There was a fisherman out on the bay who kept glancing over. He was pretty far out and didn’t bother us, plus we kept things pretty discreet when he was looking.

beach boudoir ideas
beach boudoir
see-through robe on beach
wet t-shirt beach boudoir
nude beach boudoir

I loved the sun-kissed sand and sea look to these images. If you are doing a beach boudoir photoshoot, I hope these images will give you some ideas. And if I am lucky enough to be your personal photographer, I have plenty more poses to make your shoot epic!

beach boudoir closeup
beach boudoir censored nude shot

Beach boudoir portraits have a special appeal. Lying on the sand, in the water and sitting in the surf are traditional Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue looks. Are you ready for your cover shot?

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