Four simple steps to book a boudoir photoshoot

Thinking about a boudoir session but a little nervous? Stepping out of your comfort zone to try something new can be intimidating. But I’m here to tell you that when you book a boudoir photoshoot, it will be one of your best decisions ever!

The first step

Before you can book a boudoir photoshoot, you need to find a boudoir photographer. You’ll want to do your homework here. Make sure you like the way they photograph and the backgrounds they use. Your images will have that style, so this is an important step. Also don’t forget to check their accreditations and reviews.

The second step

Your photographer should offer a free consultation call or meeting. This will give you a chance to talk, get to know each other and have your questions answered. Ask their pricing to make sure you can afford the service and products. Boudoir is a luxury, so be careful of bargain rates or they will be cutting corners somewhere.

Some women are scared to get on the phone with a photographer. Don’t be! This is an important step to making sure you like each other and would work well together. It isn’t a sales call. If the photographer tries to make it one, they may not be the photographer for you.

Most professional boudoir photographers would rather recommend another photographer than take a client that isn’t a good match. There are no hard feelings, we want you to have an incredible and empowering experience and understand we aren’t the right match for everyone.

So step two of booking a boudoir session is to contact your photographer of choice!

DIY Boudoir Poses

The third step

If you trust the photographer, like their work and think you want to move forward, the next step is to set a date and time. This is usually handled over the phone at my studio. (I’m not a fan of online scheduling because calendars don’t always sync.)

The fourth step

Once you choose a date, your photographer should send you a contract. Be sure to read the details and ask any questions you have before signing. With the signed contract, the session fee is due. This covers studio time along with our professional hair & makeup artist.

(Products are selected and paid for at your Image Reveal & Ordering Session. That session usually takes place two weeks following your photoshoot.)

low key boudoir photography
Boudoir Photography In Maryland Pinterest Image
Leather Jacket Boudoir Shoot Outfit
Dramatic Boudoir Lighting

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Let the fun begin

Following those four simple steps, the fun part begins! You’ll get free guides to help you select boudoir outfits and prepare for your session. You’ll get a questionnaire to help us personalize your boudoir photoshoot and make it your dream session!

I’ll send you reminders, directions to the studio and even find out what snacks and drinks you prefer for your day of pampering! Plus, I am available to help you if you have any questions or concerns.

When you book a boudoir photoshoot, prepare to be amazed by an experience like no other! You’ll be glad you overcame the nerves and be floating on air!

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