You see sensual boudoir photos of women in sexy poses. They look gorgeous and sometimes lost in deep romantic thoughts. Perhaps, but they are also having the time of their lives!


Boudoir Is Fun

Boudoir is fun, so laugh & enjoy it
Laughing at boudoir shoot
You may think a boudoir experience would be serious. After all, it is about building confidence and empowering the client. It is also about capturing their natural beauty and personality. By keeping the mood light and fun, clients find their nerves going away as they get caught up in happiness & joy.
Maryland Boudoir Photo - Client Smiling

Besides, I love it when people laugh. It means they are enjoying themselves. Every session, I’ll try to make clients laugh as much as possible to lighten their mood.

I don’t care if they laugh with me, at me or for some reason I don’t know about. I want them to have so much fun they’ll always look back on their boudoir experience as a joyful memory.

laughter is the best medicine

So in this article, I’m sharing some pics you won’t usually see on a boudoir photographer‘s website. These are just a few clients who enjoyed some laughs with me. In some cases, I caught them in the moment. In others, it was right after the big laugh, and you can tell by those smiles something was funny.

Laughing at boudoir photoshoot
So remember to stay serious because you don’t want to mess up the mood! Goofing around has no place in boudoir!
serious boudoir
seriously, boudoir is fun
It is said the most beautiful curve on a woman is her smile. So if you take nothing else away from this article, I hope you’ll try to get a few laughs today! Oh, and I also hope you will remember boudoir is fun!

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