Have you heard of a boudoir experience? They are pretty popular with women of all ages, sizes, shapes and ethnicities.

I’ve helped a 62 year old woman celebrate her birthday with a boudoir shoot. I’ve helped a cancer survivor to reclaim body positivity after a surgery. And I’ve helped moms, aunts, business women, nurses, doctors, cosmetologists, and other women from different walks of life have successful boudoir experiences.

What is a boudoir experience?

A boudoir session is a photography shoot. The client wears outfits that make them feel sexy, dresses, lingerie, costumes or even naked. But the boudoir experience takes this to a whole new level.

A boudoir experience is a chance to get pampered by a hair & makeup artist. Then your personal boudoir photographer will guide you through a photoshoot that flatters your look. You’ll feel like a supermodel!

It is a time dedicated to celebrate you, it is fun, freeing and creates a confidence and empowerment boost like nothing else can.

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1. Interest

The discovery of boudoir photography usually sparks an interest. Women start to read up on it to learn more. They will find themselves looking at boudoir photographer sites and admiring the photographs.

2. Doubts

The doubts come in when they think, “I could never look that good.” “These women must be models.” “If only I was younger or that thin.” “I could never do that.”

These negative thoughts are a result of feeling they don’t deserve to be treated like the Goddess they are. Of telling themselves they aren’t good enough – and that is just not true.

Unfortunately many women stay in this mode for months or years. Some never break the cycle, which is a shame. When you read boudoir client testimonials, they all talk about how the experience made them feel so incredible and beautiful.

Don’t you want to feel that way?

Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and twice as beautiful as you’d ever imagine.

3. Excitement & Dread

These two emotions seem at odds, but they are part of a definite phase most women go through.

After ignoring their doubts, they will reach out to a boudoir photographer. In most cases, the photographer will call them back for a free consultation call.

At this point, if dread kicks in, they won’t even answer the phone. They head backwards into doubt. And will possibly try again in the future. (Or get stuck in that phase.)

If the excitement grows, they will find the best boudoir photographer for their dream shoot and schedule their session.

At that point dread may rear it’s ugly head. They may wonder why they are doing this. Their inner voice may throw up roadblocks and cause concern.

Don’t worry, this is normal. You plan to step out of your comfort zone and do something different. There will be a part of you that dreads the idea. Don’t let it win!

4. Nerves

There is not a woman that comes to her first boudoir shoot without being nervous. It is a natural reaction when you experience something new and different.

This is a reaction to all the times your inner voice told you you weren’t enough. Now we are going to prove it wrong! Once you sit in the chair and get pampered by our professional makeup artist, you’ll start to loosen up.

When the photoshoot begins, the nerves will soon be a thing of the past. You’ll be able to see images straight from the camera and realize – you do look amazing! (And you will rock your photoshoot!)

If you have the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed.

5. Empowerment

As the shoot progresses you will feel your confidence grow and your self-esteem rise. You’ll feel liberated and free to be the woman you were born to be!

After your photoshoot you will see that this new found energy affects every phase of your life. You’ll have confidence in yourself that manifests in stronger relationships and social situations.

The memory will continue to empower you, but if doubt ever raises its’ ugly head, you’ll have a secret weapon to combat it. Your boudoir photos will provide proof that you are a confident, strong and beautiful woman who has embraced her sexuality.

If you are in steps 1 or 2 of the boudoir experience, it is definitely time to move forward. Even though you have doubts, you will find that they are unfounded fodder of a sub-conscious that is holding you back.

You can do this • You can rock this • You are better than good enough!

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