8 Important Boudoir Photo Session Tips For First Timers

A little nervous? Don’t worry, everybody is nervous their first time in front of a boudoir photographer. You aren’t sure what will happen, you aren’t sure how to pose, it is a natural reaction. These 8 boudoir photo session tips will help guide you through the hurdles so you can have an amazing experience.

1. Find The Right Photographer

There used to be a time when finding a boudoir photographer was difficult. Today, boudoir is an experience more and more women are trying. As a result, there are more photographers offering sessions than ever before.

Just because someone shoots boudoir, doesn’t mean they are the right photographer for you though. You need to do your homework and make sure you find one you can trust.

Before you schedule with any photographer, make sure to read my article: Is Boudoir Safe?

Don’t just go by price. Read reviews, look at portfolios and schedule consultations (they are free from most boudoir photographers.) It is important to find a photographer you are comfortable with. Your shoot will be a much better experience.

2. Schedule Your Appointment For After Your Monthly

No one wants to try and feel sexy during a visit from Aunt Flo. When planning your shoot, try to find a date that is after her visit. You’ll have more energy and feel better, which will make the whole experience more enjoyable.

schedule your boudoir photo session early

3. You Don’t Have To Wear Lingerie Or Pose Nude

Many boudoir photos show scantily clad women in their lingerie. While that is a traditional look, there is no reason you have to do the same! It is always up to you how much you want to show, and if modesty is your thing, that is sexy too!

Let’s Leave Something To The Imagination!

I’ve shot boudoir clients in robes, cute dresses, sports jerseys and even men’s clothes. It is all about what you like. We want to make sure you are comfortable so you can unleash your inner playfulness, have fun and create some amazing photos.

4. Try On Your Outfits Before The Shoot

Bodies change, fabrics stretch or tighten depending on the material, usage & humidity. These are facts. What fit perfectly six months ago may not fit as well now. That is why it is important to try on your outfits before your photoshoot.

Make sure to look everything over. Remove tags, they have a way of peeking out from straps or showing through your garments. You don’t want to ruin a photo because you didn’t take the time to remove a tag.

Check for rips along the seams and check stockings for runs. Making sure everything is in good order before you arrive for your boudoir photo session will make your day better.

Also, bring plenty of extra outfits and options. More is definitely better in case something doesn’t work out as planned. If your wardrobe doesn’t have the extra WOW! you are looking for, it is always fun to shop. (And your boudoir session is a great excuse to get some new outfits!)

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5. Don’t Fake Tan And Avoid Tan Lines

Some people think they look better in photos with a tan. If you don’t have a natural tan, don’t do it! Boudoir photos can be revealing and the lenses capture the glow and hue of your skin. That means sunburns and tan lines will show up in your photos.

I had one client who had used a fake tan product for several years. Against my advice, she did it the night before her session. This time, it didn’t work. Her skin was covered with orange blotches.

If you are naturally pale skinned, that is fine. Remember, boudoir is about capturing your natural beauty exactly as you are!

And trust me, you don’t want to look like an Oompa Loompa or pumpkin. That will either ruin your photos or cost you extra for special editing IF they can be saved.

6. Be Careful When Waxing Or Shaving

If you plan to bikini or body wax before your photo session, make sure to book it a week before your shoot. This will allow any bumps or redness to go away so they don’t end up in your photos. If your skin gets irritated when shaving, think about that as well.

bridal boudoir

7. Take Care Of The Details

Have some gray in the hair or need your roots touched up? Plan it out so you can have that appointment before your photoshoot. I don’t recommend changing your hair color though – what happens if you don’t like it?

Also don’t forget to schedule a manicure and pedicure the day before your photo session. Those little details really add to your images!

8. Watch What You Eat & Drink

Water is the best thing you can drink leading up to your boudoir photoshoot. Try to avoid any foods which will make you retain water or cause bloating and discomfort.

Although a boudoir photo session can seem intimidating, it is really a lot of fun. Relax and trust the photographer you have chosen to create an amazing experience for you. Your session and the resulting photos will be well worth spending time on the preparation.

To learn more about boudoir photography check out my article: Boudoir 101!

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