Some clients book a photoshoot and then ask me, “So, how do I keep my boudoir session a secret?”

If you plan on gifting a boudoir album to your partner for a:

you don’t want to ruin the surprise! But how are you going to explain disappearing for a few hours and then coming home all made up?

If you share schedules or have kids that need to be watched, that can make it even harder to keep the secret. Plus anytime you try to do something behind a partner’s back, it can be stressful.

It will definitely require some creative planning. But don’t worry, I’ll share some tips that have worked for some of my other clients.

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Keeping Your Boudoir Session Secret


Schedule during a time they are busy.

This is one reason most of the shoots at my studio are on weekday afternoons. (Plus that is when I get the most amazing natural light!) If your partner is at work, chances are they are too busy to wonder where you are. If you work and can take half a day off, no problem. If you have kids, get a babysitter and come get pampered!

Girls Day Out

Grab one of your girlfriends and bring her along. She can be your alibi and cheerleader! (Or you could both do a boudoir shoot!) This works really well if your husband knows it is someone you spend a lot of time with.

I’m getting my hair done

That can literally take several hours, and it isn’t a lie!

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How To Explain The Make-Up


After your shoot you will be looking amazing. It would be great to have a date planned with your husband! But no matter what you do after the boudoir session – how will you explain the makeup?

Here are some ideas:

“My friend had a Mary Kay party and I wanted to support her. I had no idea they would make me the model. How do I look?”

“I went shopping at (local department store) and the makeup counter offered a free demo! … How do I look?”

“I entered a Facebook contest and won a free makeup session … how do I look?”

For brides, “I had a trial makeup session for the wedding today … how do I look?”

Yeah, that “how do I look?” phrase takes the pressure off of continuing the tale.

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Don’t get too sneaky …

If your man gets suspicious, don’t ruin the trust between you. It never pays to lie. Just tell him you are working on a surprise for him and he has to be patient.

As you go through the process and while waiting for delivery of your boudoir album and wall art, let him know how excited you are. Tell him how you can’t wait to see his face when he gets his gift. It will build anticipation and the love between you.

The hardest secret to keep

Perhaps the hardest secret my clients have is after they get their albums. Usually they are so excited they can’t wait to give them to their partner. In many cases, I hear from them the next day saying “I couldn’t wait – he LOVED it!!!!”

It can be hard waiting to give him a gift that you have every reason to be proud of! So if you can keep your gift secret until the big day, you’ve beaten the odds!

If you haven’t planned a boudoir session yet, now that you know how to keep it a secret, reach out to my studio. I’d be happy to talk with you about our services and help create a secret you’ll be thrilled to share!

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