Having a boudoir session doesn’t mean you have to go buy a bunch of new clothes. Sure, shopping can be fun, but chances are you already own some boudoir shoot outfits. You just didn’t realize it!

Every article you read on boudoir outfits stresses you want to be comfortable in them. If not, it shows in your photos. You also want to make sure they fit properly. Having bra straps that are too tight will create puffing around them. That can’t be removed from the photos without extra editing costs.

No doubt the clothes you are comfortable in you wear more often. They may appear worn, and that won’t look good in your photos either. So can you really find boudoir shoot outfits that will look great, but you already own? Of course, you just need some ideas …

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Boudoir Shoot Outfits That Are Probably In Your Closet

1. Leather Jacket

Leather jackets offer a lot of possibilities. You can wear it over a bra & panty set, braless or if you are into daring boudoir, just the jacket. It will cover as much or little as you want, making it very versatile. They also come in a lot of styles, no matter which style you own, it will make add a lot to your photos!

Leather Jacket Boudoir Shoot Outfit
boudoir shoot outfit

2. An Off The Shoulder Sweater

I seem to be talking about sweater boudoir a lot lately. That’s probably because it is sweater weather and I’m seeing a lot of them at client shoots. Sweaters are girl next door sexy and can be paired with jeans, shorts, panties or nothing but the weave!

3. A Dress Shirt Or Business Jacket

Again, either of these can pair or be used on their own. If you are doing a boudoir session to create a gift for your partner, wear one of his shirts. That adds an extra touch of “I Love You!” to the present!

Modest Boudoir Outfits

4. A Necktie

This client brought in one of her husband’s neckties for the shoot and we created this pose. You don’t have to be nude to use a necktie, although that is a great look! A necktie can be incorporated as part of your outfit in many sexy ways.

5. A Robe Or Kimono

Comfy and alluring, a loose fitting robe or kimono can add some extra color or design to your photos without overpowering the focus of attention – YOU! It can cover you more for a modest boudoir photo shoot, or expose more of you if you are going classic or daring.

modest or daring boudoir robe
boudoir outfit idea

6. A Dress

There is no rule that says you can’t feel sexy in a dress. From the casual to the sexy little black dress or something a bit more formal, pick your favorite dress and rock your photoshoot!

So you see, you may already have all the boudoir shoot outfits you need. Of course, if you really want to go shopping, don’t let that stop you.

If you’ve already scheduled with a boudoir photographer, I hope this article gave you some ideas. If you are still thinking about scheduling a shoot and are in the DMV or Lower Susquehanna Valley area of Pennsylvania, reach out. I’d be happy to tell you all about our services and answer you questions. There is no obligation to book, it is a completely free consultation.

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