When you think of boudoir photos, what comes to mind? Is it romantic and sensual, scantily clad in lingerie or perhaps artistic nude pictures? Those are the four levels of boudoir, and all of them are correct for someone.

Modest Boudoir

There are a lot of women who want to have a boudoir photoshoot, but are self-conscious about the idea of posing in lingerie or less. For these women, a modest boudoir photo shoot is the best choice.

Boudoir isn’t about posing in lingerie, it is about capturing the natural beauty of the client. If she is uncomfortable, that will show in the photos and the shoot is ruined. That is why it is important to select boudoir outfits that suite your comfort level.

Maybe you feel sexy in a certain dress. You may be most comfortable in jeans and a sweater. Wear what makes you feel good! I’ve put together some thoughts on modest boudoir outfit ideas here. Check it out if that is where you are most comfortable.

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Classic Boudoir

Most of my clients fall within this range. They have accepted their body and realize they don’t have to be a swimsuit model to feel or look sexy.

That doesn’t mean there may be parts of themselves they prefer over others. Classic boudoir is a mixture of the seen and unseen. At this level, lingerie is a stylish look that can worn by itself or with other boudoir accessories.

This is the type of imagery that shows off your body, but not too much of it. It is always good to leave something to the imagination of anyone you allow to see your photo.

Daring Boudoir

Then there are those women who want a taste of the forbidden. They own their body and no one can tell them what they can or can not do with it. During the photoshoot they decide to bare parts of themselves.

With this level of boudoir you definitely need to be comfortable with and trust your photographer.

Implied nudity or bare breasts are common in daring boudoir. In some cases, it is obvious the client is nude, yet nothing explicit is shown. These photos remain tasteful and are popular gifts from women to their partners.

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Artistic Nude Boudoir

A step beyond daring is the woman who wants to be photographed in her natural glory. She is body confident and wants to celebrate herself as she is now. Knowing that one day, she will look back at these photos and remember how beautiful, confident and powerful she was at the time.

It is important to understand that artistic nude boudoir is not pornography! It is about posing, framing, lighting and keeping things classy. Artistic nude boudoir is the photographic equivalent of masterpieces like “The Birth of Venus” painted by Botticelli.

Before your session, your boudoir photographer should ask you about your comfort level for the shoot. It allows him or her to plan poses and sets that will meet your expectations. If you think your comfort level is at the classic level, let them know.

If during the shoot you decide you want to get a bit more daring, it is okay. In fact, it isn’t uncommon. The main point is, what you decide to do during your photoshoot should remain completely up to you. No one should coerce you into something you aren’t comfortable with.

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