About fine art nude boudoir portraits:

Every society throughout history has been captivated by the human form. Famous & not so famous artists would paint their muses in the nude. When the medium changed from paint to photography, it figures that fine art nude photography would follow.

Based on cultural, religious and moral beliefs, there has always been a fine line between fine art nudes, nude photography and erotica. Part of this stems from the fact many early erotica publishers used the term fine art nude to try and avoid censorship. Because of that this genre has always been a sensitive subject.

Unlike a painting, which is an interpretation of the human body, the photograph shows it as is. Thus it becomes the job of the artist (photographer) and muse (model) to turn the photograph into artistic expression.

artistic boudoir bodyscape

Boudoir photography’s role:

For many women, boudoir is a way for them to step out of their comfort zone and regain a body positive self-image. It is empowering to accept yourself and realize you are uniquely beautiful. The session and photos build self-confidence and self-esteem.

Not all boudoir sessions involve nudity. Nudity involves more risk, more intimacy and more courage. As intimidating as it can be, more and more clients are taking the chance to get fine art nude boudoir portraits taken.

Why fine art nude boudoir photography portraits:

There are a few reasons that clients are interested in creating art of their body:
  • First and foremost is the fact the images are tasteful, creative and celebrate who they are as a woman.
  • The portraits document their body at this moment in time. That allows them to look back years from now to realize how amazing and strong they were at this point in their life.
  • Fine art nude portraits are stripped of all pretense, leaving pure human emotion.
  • It allows creative use of poses, angles and ideas to achieve artistic expression between model and photographer.
  • And the images are visibly powerful.

Fine Art Nude Boudoir Gallery:

fine art nude boudoir bodyscape
fine art nude boudoir
fine art nude boudoir body scape portrait in color
Fine Art Nude Boudoir
Fine Art Nude Projection Photography
Fine Art Nude Body Scape
Fine Art Nude Boudoir Portrait
Fine Art Nude Projection Photography
Fine Art Nude Black & White Image
Fine Art Nude
Fine Art Nude Bodyscape
Fine Art Nude Boudoir

What clients should know about fine art nude boudoir:

  • Even when nude, you also don’t have to reveal everything. Leaving something to the imagination is very powerful in art.
  • Every client has a choice in what kind of poses they agree to do. Nudity does not mean a loss of consent, you are still in charge of what you are willing to do.
  • Not all fine art nude boudoir is completely undressed. Semi nude fine art portraits are not uncommon.

At your boudoir session:

You don’t have to be nude, or even dress in lingerie for a boudoir photoshoot. The goal is for you to be comfortable and feel sexy in the outfits you choose to wear. Even if you decide in advance to have a set of fine art nude boudoir portraits taken, you don’t have to be nude for the entire shoot. If your comfort level for boudoir changes during the session, we can always add in some fine art nude portraits. The decision is always up to you.

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