Grunge Boudoir – Beauty With An Edge

The dictionary defines grunge as: dirt; filth; rubbish. something of inferior quality; trash. And grunge style as: fashion derived from a movement in rock music: characterized by unkempt clothing and in music by agressive, nihilistic songs. Grunge boudoir however is not dirt, filth or rubbish and certainly not inferior quality or trash.

To me, grunge boudoir is aggressive, street-style boudoir making use of the graffiti culture. It has a gritty edge, while still portraying the sensuality of a woman and focusing on her beauty.

Grunge boudoir allows me to stay creative and create stunning art work. In this article I will share images from a few grunge photoshoots that I have done.

grunge boudoir at Graffiti Warehouse In Baltimore, Maryland

Graffiti Warehouse

The first two photoshoots were at the Graffiti Warehouse in Baltimore, Maryland. The warehouse and Graffiti Alley directly behind it, are decorated with beautiful graffiti artwork. The designs constantly change as the alley is, as of the day I wrote this, the only place graffiti artists can legally paint in the city of Baltimore.

graffiti grunge boudoir
grunge boudoir look in Graffiti Alley, Baltimore, MD.
The warehouse has been turned into artist studios and some studios are available for rent. I wanted to experience shoots there, and scheduled two different bookings to see what could be created.
grunge boudoir at Graffiti Warehouse in Baltimore Maryland
I personally love the expanse of the warehouse in the photo below, the model lit and the light fading off into the cavernous space.
grunge boudoir
Everywhere you turn there are other options and backgrounds to shoot. The furniture is old and ratty, but fits perfectly in the space. In these images I repaired the fabric in Photoshop because it didn’t give me the feel I wanted for these pics.
grunge boudoir in Baltimore, Maryland

Grunge Boudoir in Harper’s Ferry, West Virigina

Another spot that was a happy find, was the tunnel beneath the train tracks in Harper’s Ferry West Virginia. The tunnel has been painted by graffiti artists and offers some cool looks for framing your images.

grunge boudoir pinterest image
grunge boudoir in Harper's Ferry

If you are looking for something different, a location shoot for grunge boudoir may be just the thing. I could even see using a grunge look for your boudoir album cover. It is guaranteed your boudoir photos wouldn’t end up in the trash.

Interested in the possibility of a grunge boudoir photoshoot? Reach out to my boudoir studio and let’s talk!

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