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Every year I seem to get more requests for kink & fetish photography photoshoots. Perhaps this is a result of 50 Shades of Grey, or maybe people are just becoming more open to it.

The clients are usually shy because they may fear kink shaming. Kink shame is when you turn someone’s sexual preferences against them as a way of embarrassing them for something they enjoy.

I’ve always said and always stand by the fact that my boudoir studio is a judgement free zone. So the answer is, yes, of course, fetish and kinks are welcome, but there are some guidelines.

fetish photography

My rules are based around safety, cleanliness and comfort.

  • No mucus or bodily fluids/excretions
  • No animals
  • No one under age
  • No Weapons (Guns or Knives)

I also want to learn about what draws you to this fetish and what exactly you wish for me to capture. If the photos don’t capture the essence of what turns you on, we have wasted our time.

femdom photography

I’ve shot foot fetish photos a plenty, I’ve shot femdom and submissive galore. You want whips and riding crops, I’ve got plenty, but who cares, let’s shoot more! (For some reason the Little Mermaid song popped into my head as I was writing that paragraph.)

foot fetish photography
So if you and your partner like to play in the bedroom with things you ordinarily wouldn’t share with anyone else, no problem. It would take a lot to shock me and even then, as long as it is consensual, legal and safe, I’d be willing to help.
So if you are in the DMV or lower central Pennsylvania area, and are looking for someone to shoot kink or fetish photography, let’s talk.

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