I’ve heard all the reasons …

“I need to lose weight, maybe then …”
“If I was younger I would, my time has past …”
“My body doesn’t look that good …”
“I could never look like that …”

The thing is, these aren’t reasons not to, they are exactly why women should have a boudoir photoshoot!

1. Reclaim Your Confidence

The above reasons are all negative self-talk. It is important to take time to reflect on your past and realize it has made you who you are, a unique and strong woman. A boudoir photoshoot helps you shut down the negatives by allowing you to view yourself through the eyes of others. You’ll quickly realize you are more than you ever imagined.

boudoir outfit guide image

2. Desire

Everyone wants to be loved and desired. There is no better way to re-ignite your partner’s passions that a gift of boudoir. He has seen you at your best and your worst, and still adores you for who you are. You don’t need to lose weight for them, you don’t need to be younger, you just need to be you. And giving him a boudoir album of your seductive photos can be just the thing to help you feel desired again.

3. It Is Empowering

Owning your body and sexuality is empowering and that power will flow throughout all you do in life.

4. Emotional Reboot

When you have a boudoir photoshoot it becomes an emotional reboot. The experience of regaining your confidence, feeling desirable and empowered resets your emotional state to become the woman you want to be.

bridal boudoir

5. It’s Relaxing

Yes, there are nerves going into it, but the right boudoir photographer will quickly put you at ease. You’ll get pampered by our in-house professional makeup artist, and guided through the shoot to feel like a supermodel. It’s better than a day at the spa and you’ll have beautiful photos too!

6. It’s Fun

You will find yourself laughing and having the time of your life. It is a relief to learn you can step out of your comfort zone and succeed. We provide a support, safe space for you to be yourself, let loose and have fun.

Remember, all those excuses you thought you had, are actually reasons you should have a boudoir shoot.


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