Boudoir photography is a private thing, usually for just the client, or for her to share with her partner. Sharing your boudoir photos may seem alien to someone before their photoshoot, yet a large number of clients are thrilled to share following their session.

If you are looking for private boudoir photography that stays private, rest assured you are in the right place. I never share images without a client’s written permission. You have the final say and I never pressure a client to share.

Why would you share private photos?

The clients who share are proud of the way they look and love their images. They feel they look good and want others to see the results of their venture outside of their comfort zone. And they should be proud, they all are amazing women!

It is also another boost to their confidence level. The fact that I am proud of their images and want to share them means they are examples of my best work. That generates even more self-esteem and empowerment from their session.

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What does sharing do?

When a client agrees to share some or all of their images, I believe not sharing them would be a disservice. There are thousands of women who could use the benefits of a boudoir session. Women who need that boost in confidence and to feel good in their own skin. Beautiful ladies that don’t see themselves that way due to self-inflicted body-image issues.

A client’s image may inspire one of these women to take the chance to find themselves again. And don’t all women deserve the chance to feel beautiful and desirable? I believe they do.

How does sharing maintain your privacy?

I never tag a client, or associate their name with their image. (Unless they request it.) Names are abbreviated so identifying them is difficult. By not associating their images with their name, there is no chance it would pop up in a search for them.

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What if I want my private boudoir photos to stay private?

Then they do. You control what happens to the photos and don’t make the decision until after you’ve seen and selected your favorites. If you don’t provide permission to share, the images are deleted after your order is fulfilled so that you have the only copies.

About private boudoir photography …

There is a special allure to photos taken in a private setting. A peek into the life of a woman that most don’t get to see. It is empowering to the client to see herself this way, realizing she is naturally beautiful and sensual. Especially because most women put themselves last, and seldom have time to connect with their inner Goddess.

If you have ever wondered about boudoir photography, we should talk. You may be thinking, I need to lose weight or work on “problem areas” first. You would be wrong. Now is the perfect time to celebrate you as you are. Women who wait always tell me they wish they had taken the step years ago.

You are perfect as you are. Let me prove it to you through the power of private boudoir photography!


Empowering women to love themselves!

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