Clients tell me slipping into their lingerie helps awaken their sexy. When they wear it under their clothes, they feel sexier and alive. When they wear it to bed – watch out hubby! Wearing lingerie is traditional for a boudoir shoot. So I’ve looked for some lustful lingerie boudoir style outfits to help clients choose a look they love. You don’t need excuses to wear or buy lingerie. You don’t need a partner to buy it for you, or to wear it for. Sexy is a mindset, and if lingerie makes you feel sexy, treat yourself!

What is lustful lingerie?

The kind of lingerie that makes all who see it say “WOW!” It is a step beyond the traditional bra and panties set or corset. Lustful lingerie is usually a bit more expensive, but aren’t you worth the investment? Your self-confidence and self-esteem are!

Luxury lingerie that helps you look and feel great …

Lace, silk and all things lush, soft and sumptuous, luxury brands of lingerie are made for women who treat themselves as the Goddess they are.

When doing lustful lingerie boudoir sessions, the imagery is a combination of:

  • boudoir: which focuses on the client, and
  • fashion: which focuses on the clothing.
lustful lingerie boudoir
lustful lingerie boudoir session
lustful lingerie boudoir sessions in Maryland

You don’t need to wear lingerie for a boudoir session. Once Marilyn Monroe was told her outfit was cheap and vulgar, that she would look better in a potato sack. Marilyn then had a photo shoot where she wore a potato sack, and she looked gorgeous.

Sexy is an air of confidence and comfort in your own skin. Boudoir helps you rekindle those. If you are considering a boudoir session, reach out to my studio below.

If you are looking for some hot, sexy, lustful lingerie boudoir style outfits – here are my suggestions:

Note: These are third party sellers and I have no connection nor get any financial compensation for sharing these suppliers

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