Relationships have ebbs and flows. They start off strong, diminish, renew, go out and catch fire again. Two people who love each other but have their own thoughts, lives and emotions. Every relationship takes work. It is give and take, supporting each other and fighting to keep the passion alive. When life keeps you running in all directions, it can be difficult to take time for your own self-care. You can lose the connection to your femininity and sensuality. If you aren’t feeling beautiful and desirable, it is hard to see yourself that way.
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From the male point of view …

On the male’s side, he still sees his mate as sexy and beautiful. He may say it, but if she isn’t feeling good about herself these words aren’t always accepted.

He can sense when she is self-conscious about her body and has a lowered sense of self-esteem. But if romantic gestures and words of encouragement don’t work, most males are usually not sure what to do to respark the love.

This can lead to some men starting to pull away.


I’m not saying that all relationship problems are a result of how women feel about themselves. Men have plenty of their own issues that can lead to reduced passion and create problems between a couple.

I’m specifically talking to the wife who wants to feel better about herself and the husband who wants his wife to feel as amazing as he sees her.

How to take boudoir selfies

The wife boudoir shoot to the rescue …

A wife’s boudoir photoshoot is an luxury experience that boosts her confidence and empowers her to take control of her body and sexuality. It allows the wife to see herself from her partner’s and other people’s perspective. There is so much more to a session than just stunning boudoir photos.

Unless the boudoir photos are to be a gift to her partner, I encourage married clients to talk to their husband about the shoot. They will feel better about it and get more out of the session if their partner is supportive. If you plan on giving the photos as a gift, I can pretty much guarantee he will be supportive when he sees your gorgeous images!

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When husbands want to schedule a wife boudoir shoot …

There are plenty of husbands out there who wish their wife could see herself as he does. They want her to be confident and feel good about the way she looks.

Remember, your partner sees you at your best and worst, and still loves you!

I always recommend a husband talk to his wife about a boudoir photoshoot before scheduling one. It is important for his wife to feel comfortable with the idea. Otherwise she may feel pressured and it will show up in her photos.

When talking about a wife’s boudoir shoot, it is important to remind her she doesn’t have to pose in lingerie or even in the nude. A woman can look and feel sexy in a pair of jeans and a sweater, or her favorite dress.

How To Take Good Boudoir Selfies With Your Phone

It’s all about her …

Husbands, your wife gets the call, boudoir sessions are all about her and helping her see herself in a new way. So don’t expect her to shed her clothing for nude boudoir photos of your wife unless she wants to do that.

Don’t pressure her either. She may need time to be comfortable with the idea of stepping in front of a camera at all. Keep in mind this is a vulnerable feeling of putting yourself out there. Give her the option to decide what to do. Despite the benefits to her self-esteem, if she isn’t ready it won’t have the same impact.

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If you are interested in learning more about a wife boudoir shoot, reach out to the studio to discuss your idea of a dream photoshoot. I’ll be happy to answer your questions and if you decide to move forward, can help get you on my studio’s schedule.

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