A few months ago I was contacted by a client who asked if I shot “tease boudoir.” The term “tease boudoir,” could mean different things to different people, so we talked about her vision of the shoot.

It turns out she was looking for teasing boudoir photos. She described implied nude photos and an artistic nude technique.

For those not familiar with what I mean, I’ll break them down here.

Implied nudes are photos where the client appears to be, or is nude, but nothing actually shows. This is a very popular boudoir style and not only do clients love it, but it is a favorite shot for boudoir gifts.

The client could be lying on her stomach on the bed. By resting herself on her arms, she lifts her torso up so you can see cleavage but not the full breast. In other images she is covered by a sheet, you can see she appears naked, but again, is completely covered.
tease boudoir
I’ve also shot chair poses where the client appears to be naked, but really in the photo below on the left, she had clothes on. The second chair shot uses the back rails of the chair to cleverly hide parts of a client’s body.
modest boudoir? Yes it is!
tease boudoir photo
Implied nudity leaves something to the imagination. I believe they are very powerful images because of that. You can look at the photo and wonder or fantasize about what was going on. For the artistic nude technique, this client was envisioning holding her bra out from her naked body. The focus would be on the bra and she would be slightly out of focus as a tease. Again, something is left to the imagination. It is the tease of her body but slightly withholding it from the vision.
tease boudoir using artistic focus
So of course, the answer was yes, I do shoot “tease boudoir.” In fact, it is one of my favorite styles to shoot. If you want to tease your partner, reach out and let’s talk about setting up your own “tease boudoir” photoshoots!

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