Why mom boudoir?

There is BB (before babies) and AB (after babies) and most woman compare their BB body to their AB changes. This train of thought gives mom’s a poor self-image and keeps them from feeling good about themselves. That’s one reason why mom boudoir sessions are so important.

Your body has nurtured a new life for the past nine months. Things have changed, stretched, sagged, but that isn’t anything to be ashamed of, it is part of the miracle of life.

The “perfect” body is a myth …

Society passes off “the perfect body” and tries to tell women they should be able to snap back to BB form in no time. It doesn’t work like that, as you are probably finding out. But it doesn’t matter! The perfect body society pitches isn’t real – and you are.

How do I know the “perfect bodies” aren’t real? Because I am a boudoir photographer. I photograph models and regular moms, sisters, aunts, and women from all walks of life. Every woman I meet comes to my studio because they have body issues and want to feel better about themselves. (Even the woman giving their partners a boudoir gift.)

Plus, I edit model photos, and know what goes into helping them look their best.

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But is boudoir really for moms?

You may be thinking, “but boudoir is sexy photos of women in lingerie.” At one time that may have been true, but the empowering aspect of seeing yourself in a new light has taken over. Boudoir isn’t just women in lingerie any more. It is about being comfortable in your own skin.

So please believe me when I say that mom boudoir or postpartum boudoir is as much a healing therapy as it is an art form. That is why so many mom’s schedule sessions for themselves. It helps them to see themselves as beautiful and sensual beings again.

The benefits for a mom …

Mom boudoir helps to transform your confidence and self-image by destroying the limiting beliefs you have in your new body. It can be a major step out of your comfort zone, but those who have say overcoming their fears and vulnerability was very rewarding.

Mothers need to see the beauty in themselves and their accomplishments. There is no need to hide, you should be proud of yourself and the body that allowed you to create a miracle.

When you look in a mirror it is easy for your eyes to look past you as a person, and head toward perceived flaws or “problem areas.” You aren’t alone in this. You don’t need to be a mother to have body image issues.

Body image issues get passed on …

Did you know that children are becoming more aware of their bodies at a younger age. By the age of 8, some girls already have negative opinions of their bodies. That’s another reason why it is important for mom’s to have a positive self-image. Children learn by watching what their parents do. If you are confident in yourself, they will be more comfortable too.

Are you a mom or dad?

If you are a mother that wants to celebrate your body, pamper yourself and give yourself the gift of self-confidence, mom boudoir is for you!

If you are a father who loves the woman who birthed your children and wants her to feel better about herself, mom boudoir photography is something to discuss with her.

Overcome your insecurities, fear and nervousness. You’ll have a fun experience, reconnect to your inner Goddess and feel sexy and confident again!

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