Lingerie is pretty, has a lot of styles and looks great in boudoir photos. But there is something about white sheet boudoir photography that everyone loves. White sheets cover, conceal and offer a clean & stunning visuals. My studio has several white sheet boudoir options. The plain white cotton sheet is what you would find in most bedrooms. I also have a textured white sheet that photographs beautifully. Most of my clients prefer the look because it adds so much detail and interest to their white sheet photos.

What do women love about white sheet boudoir?

For women, the white sheet and little else is the baring of conventions and accepting control over her body & sexuality. Even though she is showing, in most cases, less, it creates a more vulnerable look, providing a feeling of strength for having posed this way.

white sheet boudoir
white sheet boudoir photography images
White sheet boudoir photography is about you, not the style of your lingerie or outfit. The white sheet allows you to determine what does or doesn’t show. This versatility makes it perfect for the conservative or the most daring client.
white sheet boudoir

What partners love about white sheet boudoir photography

For men, white sheet boudoir has the implied aspect that piques his curiosity as to what lies beneath. It has a sensual look that melts any man’s heart. I think a big part of it is seeing his woman wrapped in a sheet reminds him of waking next to her each morning and thinking about how beautiful she is when she is relaxed.

white sheet boudoir

Aesthetically, the white sheet creates a crisp look. It is flattering to all body types, because one size does fit all. White sheet boudoir is gorgeous and classical, even the tamest of clients love the look. It even allows them to stay within their comfort zone!

Enjoy some of these white sheet boudoir photography images from our boudoir photos gallery. You can easily see every client owns the look and has their own versions of white sheet play.

white sheet boudoir photo
white sheet

If you’d be interested in trying some white sheet boudoir photography, reach out to my studio to discuss our services, pricing and availability.

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