The photos may look sensual and beautiful, but a boudoir photoshoot is actually a lot of fun. Women come to the studio nervous and unsure, but by the time we have been shooting for a short while, the nerves are gone. That’s when we start getting some pretty funny boudoir photography!

So how can you go from being so nervous to making some of the looks I am sharing here? (With the clients’ permission of course.)

The studio is a safe space where you can feel free to be yourself, get goofy and have fun. My team and I are supportive, like to have fun and honestly, everyone is always so serious, doesn’t it feel great to cut loose and have a good time?

funny boudoir photography
funny boudoir photo
funny boudoir photo
funny boudoir photo
funny boudoir photo
funny boudoir photo


As much fun as we have, I still manage to get beautiful photos of you being yourself. Not so much like the ones here, more like the ones in my boudoir gallery.

So if you are nervous about the idea of posing for boudoir photos, take a look at these brave women. They were nervous too when they came for their shoots. But look at these photos – do they look nervous anymore?

These funny boudoir photos wouldn’t have seen the light of day if it wasn’t for their permission to share them here on the blog. It takes a confident woman to put herself out there, and during the photoshoot they reignited their self-confidence with a passion!

So if you ever wanted to see some funny boudoir photography, it may not be boudoir in a T-Rex costume, but these ladies are pretty and funny!

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