Black and white boudoir photography
adding a tasteful touch of class to your boudoir photos.


Shooting boudoir in black and white adds elegance to the imagery. The use of light and shadow combined with contrast and posing creates images that attract the eye. In today’s world of point and click color, black and white boudoir photography stands apart from the normal.

Artistic black and white boudoir

Low-key boudoir photos offer the highest contrast and are often used in bodyscape boudoir imagery. They have a very high end art feel and can be completely anonymous. For that reason, many of my clients purchase these images as wall art that they can hang in their boudoir.

black and white boudoir bodyscape

Sensual black and white photos

High contrast is artistic, but black and white with a range of gray scale creates a more sensual image. The dynamic range of the grays give these photos a special appeal.

black & white boudoir photos
B&W boudoir photography image
B&W Boudoir
Black & White Boudoir Photo
neon converted to black & white
black and white boudoir photoshoot
Black & white boudoir photo
black & white boudoir

If you look around my website, you will see that boudoir doesn’t necessarily mean posing naked. The photoshoot is done to help you find your sexy and confidence, and women feel sexy in different outfits.

Lace always looks amazing in black and white boudoir. Obviously some outfits will look better than others. That is why I always recommend clients bring some extra options. Especially if they want to shoot a black & white set.

black & white boudoir with lace

I generally shoot all of my images in color and then convert them before retouching. This allows me to control the depth of the grays in post editing. If clients request, I will provide them with both color and black & white options at their image reveal. Adding a few black and white photos to your album can create a beautiful look.

Want to go completely classic? How about a black and white boudoir album?

Our luxury boudoir albums are hand crafted to your wishes. Imagine a lovely black vegan leather cover with black pages and black and white boudoir photos. That would be an amazing piece of art to give as a gift or keep by your bedside table.

You choose the size, you choose the images, you select the papers and cover and we have your dream album delivered! Always be sure to leave enough time to have your order printed, bound and shipped. I generally recommend 4 to 6 weeks following your image reveal and ordering session.

The passion of black & white boudoir

Black and white boudoir photos evoke emotion and iconic visual appeal. If the idea of a black & white photoshoot appeals to you, let’s talk. Every session is personalized for my client, and I would love to help create the boudoir experience and images of your dreams.

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