A few months ago, I wrote an article on styles of boudoir photography. In it, I covered the basic styles that most people consider when planning a photoshoot. Since then, I’ve come to realize there were other types of boudoir photography that I could add to the list. So consider this article part two!

Different types of boudoir photography

In part one, I covered traditional, glamour, elegant, vintage, playful, dramatic and fine art nude boudoir. So let’s move on to some unique types of boudoir that may seem a bit “out there!”

Black Light Boudoir

Day-Glo colored lingerie lit by black light pops in photos. I’m not sure anyone could stand a whole album of black light boudoir photos unless they were on a “special trip.” Still, the images are definitely outstanding and stand out!

black light boudoir

Neon Boudoir

This type of boudoir photography has a fascinating appeal. Lit by neon colors, it casts an interesting glow over the client’s skin and outfits. While not for everyone, neon lighting is fun to shoot in and the results are beautiful. Plus, if you decide the neon is too much, the images can be converted to beautiful black & white photos.

neon boudoir
neon lighting boudoir
types of boudoir photography - neon lit

Neon lighting

neon converted to black & white

Converted to Black & White

low key boudoir photography

Low-Key Boudoir

Photography is light. In portraits, a client is usually lit with a key or main light, a fill light and back lighting. Low-key photography reduces the amount of light on the front of the subject. In other words lowering the key light. This creates deep shadows and the fill or backlight highlight parts of the subject. I generally use low key lighting for bodyscapes, although by moving the fill light, you can create some beautiful full body images that are true art.


Projection Boudoir

This is another very interesting type of photography not often seen in boudoir. A projector is set to one side of the camera so the light shines across the subject. Since no light falls on the background, it creates a black canvas for the image to sit on. The client is posed in the light and depending on how her body is positioned, the projection will fall across it in different ways. This type of boudoir projection photography is very popular for wall art.

projection photography

Projection photography makes beautiful wall art.

So there are four more types of boudoir photography to consider for your sets when you have a photoshoot. If any of these appeal to you, be sure to let me know when you schedule your session.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss creating your personalized boudoir experience, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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