Have you ever heard of sexting? My guess is yes. If not, it is easy to search for the term.

A little bit of fun between partners can spice up the love life. It keeps the embers burning and can bring you closer to each other.

Some women even send sexy selfies. These range from playful to exposure. Men love them, so why should a woman even consider hiring a boudoir photographer?

intimate photographs

Let’s start with safety.

Sexy selfies have come back to haunt people. Phones get lost or stolen. No one wants is to find their intimate photos on the Internet or used without permission.

I know the value of privacy.

Following every boudoir shoot, all images get saved to an encrypted hard drive. They then get copied to encrypted backup drives. This means there is redundancy to prevent the loss of your photographs.

As soon as the files are safe, I delete the photos from the camera memory cards using a full format. This means the only copies are encrypted and no outsider can access them.

sexy photography

When a client orders albums or art, files transfer by secure servers. I only work with high end professional photography labs. (I’m not using SnapFish or Walmart folks!) My developers also understand the importance of privacy. I am very confident of their policies or I wouldn’t work with them.

Even our phone app, which allows you to show the photos on your phone, keeps them out of your camera roll. No one will accidentally scroll across them while looking at your photos.

The difference …

Today’s smart phones have amazing cameras. But a sexy selfie is still a selfie. Although selfies are more accepted and prevalent today, they do have limitations.

Selfie images don’t always turn out as intended. While good enough for a quick share, they lack the quality behind a professional photo.

There is a reason professional photographers spend thousands of dollars on equipment. Add to that the education and time spent perfecting their art. You’ll get a much better image than a selfie provides.

The boudoir photographer understands how to pose the subject. We know how to create the most flattering image and the angles that show off a woman’s form.

Lighting is also a major player in a professional boudoir shoot. How the light falls in a scene and highlights the subject makes a professional image pop.

The story …

Anyone can take a picture. An artist tells a story. When you want to give the gift of image to your loved one, shouldn’t it be more than just a photo?

Take a look at my portfolio to get an idea of the quality of images my service provides. Then watch some of our videos to see the differences I mentioned above.

If you are interested in having your own boudoir experience, I’m happy to offer a free consultation. Even if I’m not the right photographer for you, I can offer advice and recommend other photographers.

If you still want to take some sexy selfies of yourself, check out my article on How To Take Better Selfies!

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