So you are wondering, do guys like when you send them pictures of yourself?

The answer to that really depends on the guy and your relationship with them.

In general, most guys agree that they do like when women send them pictures. Some guys will even ask you to send them pictures of you.

This usually happens in texts and messenger. You may be having a conversation with a man when he asks.

There are several things you should consider before you send them pictures though. I’ll go into them now, and then we can discuss what types of pictures are best to send them.

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Why Do Guys Want You To Send Them Pictures Of Yourself?

If a guy wants you to send them a picture, there could be several reasons they want one.

He may want to show it to his friends.

Why? He could be proud to be dating you and want to show you off to his friends. Another reason, maybe he wants to make someone envious. It may be a completely innocent reason, but if he plans to show it to friends, you definitely don’t want to send a nude photo!

He likes you alot!

If a guy really likes you, he may want a photo of you so he can just look at you. These photos become a keepsake when you are apart. It is a way of feeling close when you when you can’t physically be together.

He believes you are attractive.

A lot of times, guys will ask for a photo of you because they think you are attractive. If they have only seen profile pictures, other pictures of you help them to see you in a different way. He may realize how lucky he was to find you, photos help reinforce that point.

He wants to Sext.

If you are dating someone, they may want some racy photos of you. Sexting can be fun with the right person, but you want to be positive it IS the right person.

Not everyone is into sexting though. No guy should make you feel pressured to send them a sexy photo.

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He wants to be more than a friend.

If you are friends with a man and he starts asking you for pictures of yourself, he may want to be more than just friends. If he wants to move the relationship in a romantic direction, you need to ask yourself if you want the same thing.

Clarify the reason he wants the pictures and if you are not interested in him romantically, let him know. It is better to confront this before his feelings grow stronger, than to lead him on and lose the friendship later.

He might want to exchange pictures with you.

Sometimes, when a man asks a woman for a picture of them, he wants her to ask him for the same. Exchanging pictures is a way to bond and grow your relationship.

What to consider before you send guys a picture of yourself.

First, know who the guy is.

A policeman friend told me a story about a guy who met a girl on a dating website. They texted back and forth. She sent him pictures of “herself” and wanted some from him. Then she wanted a full body nude pic.

He sent it.

He got a photo back. His naked pic along with his contact list. The “girl” was a scam artist who threatened to release the photos to his entire contact list if he didn’t pay.

The guy paid the scammer – and thought all was okay. But a few days later, the scammer wanted more money. He called the police, but it was too late. When he didn’t pay, the photos were sent out.

This is a horror story if ever there was one.

Never send nude or promiscuous pictures of yourself to someone you don’t know. It is a good way to get exposed to the world. Hackers and scammers are out there, and they are very clever when it comes to putting people in a vulnerable situation.

Know what will happen to the picture.

Phones save images to the cloud. They allow pictures to transfer from device to device. The cloud has been hacked. Devices can be compromised. Once the picture is online, there is no telling what may happen to it.
If you send a racy picture or nude photo, it is a good idea to have the guy delete it after he sees it. The problem is, you don’t actually know if he does that. So before you hit send, do you trust him?

What about breakups?

Breakups happen. Some relationships end well with both parties remaining friends. But not all of them do. If you have a bad ending to a relationship, what will happen to the pictures you sent? There have been stories of revenge where guys share pictures of their ex online.

Are you comfortable sending pictures of yourself to a guy?

Earlier I mentioned you should never feel pressured into sending a picture of yourself. You need to be comfortable with sending pictures. Even if you trust the man, sending sexy pictures can make you feel uneasy. So if you aren’t 100% certain, refuse the racy nudes and send them other types of selfies and pictures instead.

What does sending pictures of yourself to a guy mean to them?

The selfie craze is all over social media. Some guys are into it, others feel it is bragging and still others find it a need for validation.

For the guys into it, they believe if you are comfortable enough to take pictures of yourself and post them, you are confident. It also shows you are proud of the way you look. Confidence in yourself is a very sexy trait for most men.

For those guys who feel it is bragging, they get turned off when they see a bunch of selfies all over your social feed. These guys may not mind if you send them pictures of yourself privately, but publicly posting is a no for them.

Then there are those who feel women post selfies publicly to get likes and comments. Some use filters to make themselves look more attractive.

In these cases, the guys feel like the woman needs to constantly feed her ego. They feel the posts are a cry for attention and that the woman is “into herself.” This is the exact opposite of the guys who see it as confidence.

Luckily, all three groups, even if they don’t like public posting, would not mind if you sent them pictures of yourself privately.

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So now that I’ve answered the question of why guys may ask you to send them pictures of yourself, let’s tackle:

What type of pictures of yourself you should send to a guy.

Men and women have different triggers. A picture you think is cute, may not appeal to a man.

That is why many clients come to me, a man, for boudoir photography, instead of a woman photographer. If the boudoir photos are for a significant other, a man has a better idea of what men want to see.

It is the same reason men go to other women when trying to decide what to gift their significant other. Women tend to have a better idea of what women like.

So as a male, and a photographer, here are some do’s and don’ts.

Don’t send filtered pictures!

Phones have gotten better. Apps have gotten better. But a filtered image still looks like a filtered image.

If you send a guy a filtered picture of yourself, it screams a lack of confidence. A guy doesn’t see a filtered picture as cute. They want to see you, not a glammed up, cartoon version of you.

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Don’t send super model poses!

As a boudoir photographer, I have learned over the years how to pose women to create beautiful images. I would say most women who come to my boudoir studio have no idea how to pose. Even when they think they do!

There is more that goes into a photo than just a body stance and look. I pose clients from the top of their head to the bottom of their feet. I coach them on the look I want on their face. I show them exactly where to look with their eyes. How their lips should be. I even tell them what I want them to think about.

The lighting and setting also make or break a posed look. If the pose is out of place, it becomes comical, which probably isn’t the look you are going for when sending someone a picture of yourself.

Don’t open your mouth wide or stick your tongue out!

I realize you are trying to be cute, but again, guys like different things than women.

If you are acting silly with your guy and both sending silly pics, then sticking your tongue out may be funny. But if you are trying to attract a man, or it is early in your relationship, pass on that pic!

Don’t be fake.

I mentioned filtered pictures look fake, but there are other fake looks that you should avoid too. Too goofy, too happy or too sad are faces you may be tempted to snap a selfie of and send. But my advice, don’t do it.

Don’t send bathroom pics!

I’m not sure why women keep taking their pic in the bathroom. Sure, there is a convenient mirror there, but it isn’t a great setting for a selfie. My advice, don’t do it!

So what types of pictures should you send a guy?

Group shots.

Shots with your friends when you are smiling (not acting goofy) are excellent pictures to send to a guy. These portray you as someone who is approachable and outgoing. When you are with friends, a selfie doesn’t seem self-absorbed. Having fun with your friends shows you know how to have a good time.

The workout.

If you go to the gym, a workout picture can be a great photo to send to your guy. It lets him see you care about how you look and feel. Plus the workout photo lets him see the hard work you put in to keeping yourself toned and in shape.

The natural look.

Although many women can’t believe it, makeup isn’t what guys want to see. Your day to day or just woke up look is an ideal pic to send. It shows your natural beauty. If you just woke up, it shows you rested and relaxed. The “just woke up selfie” also gives him the feeling you thought about him when you opened your eyes. That appeals to any man.

The flirt.

Show your playful side without going overboard. A sly smile, gently biting your lip or even a shy playful look is a great picture any guy would love to get.

Natural Look
Sexy Pictures

Your genuine smile.

Everyone loves someone who smiles. A natural smile is alluring in ways a fake smile or pose can never be. Guys love a lady who smiles. A smile is the best looking curve on any woman! So share it with him.
So when you ask yourself, do guys like when you send pictures of yourself, if you follow the advice above and are careful what you send – YES!
In fact, if guys didn’t like pictures of women, boudoir photography would not be as popular as it is!
Many of my clients have a boudoir experience to raise their confidence and fall in love with the skin they are in.
Others do it for their significant other. But even they walk away with a new found confidence and respect for themselves and their body.
And of course, the album and wall art sales say it all. Guys love getting pictures of the women they love – especially when taken by a professional photographer!

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