Having a boudoir photoshoot takes courage. You are putting yourself out there, making yourself vulnerable and not sure if you can “pull it off.” So the idea of sharing your boudoir photos is definitely an “OMG – I couldn’t!” thought.

Once you make the commitment to schedule a boudoir photoshoot, excitement sets in. You start to work with your boudoir photographer to plan the shoot. Looking through your closet and shopping for boudoir outfits is fun. Even following your preparation guide the photographer provides will have you feeling ready.

As the date gets closer, some nerves set in. Can you really do this? The nerves are natural, the photoshoot means stepping out of your comfort zone. Your photographer will assure you everything will be okay. And it will.

The day of your session, you get pampered by an in-house makeup artist who works with your vision. She will turn you into the most amazing version of yourself ever. Your hair will look great, and you will be ready for your closeup!

The photographer guides you through posing. They allow you to see some of the photos straight from the camera. You suddenly realize you look beautiful, and your confidence continues to grow with every shutter click.

At your reveal and ordering session, your photographer will likely ask if you will allow them to share any of your selected photos. You have the right to say no, and have them remain private. You may request they only share ones where you are not identifiable. There is an option for you to choose which ones they can share. Or you may go ahead and tell them to share all of them.

Why share your boudoir photos?

Sharing your boudoir photos empowers you more than the photoshoot itself! First, you look beautiful in those boudoir photos and you know it! Second, your photographer likes them so much they want to show them off because you look so awesome. It let’s others see the photographer’s best work!

The third reason is that sharing your boudoir photos lifts other women up. How?

Remember when you first thought about a boudoir photoshoot? Chances are you looked at the photographer’s photos before you hired him or her. The women in those photos had to have inspired you in some manner to give a boudoir photoshoot a try.

Other women are out there going through the same thought process you were when you started. They aren’t sure if they are think enough, good looking enough, or even are enough. There are women struggling with self-esteem, confidence and body-image, and you can help them.

By sharing your boudoir photos and story, you can inspire them to take the chance. Help them overcome their hesitancy, vulnerabilities and doubts. So be proud of how you look, tell and show them how confident and empowered the boudoir session made you feel.

You are a strong woman and can lift up your sisters by sharing. When women empower other women, anything is possible! So please consider it. But also know that if you decide to keep your boudoir photos private, this boudoir photographer will make sure they are for your eyes only.

All images on this website and my social media are shared with written permission of clients. No images are ever shared without a signed release form.

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