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Part of my business is helping models build their portfolios. Model photoshoots can be very creative and a lot of fun. In 2021, a model who was into cosplay connected with me. She was interested in having a professional cosplay photography photoshoot.

Cosplay is huge, there are a lot of conventions where people attend in elaborate cosplay costuming. It is a serious art. At these conventions, a lot of people photograph the cosplayers. Unfortunately, many of the shots posted on social media and discussion boards are amateur.

There is definitely a need for good cosplay photographers with an eye and understanding of what it takes to create beautiful images.

cosplay photography
cosplay photoshoot in Maryland

As a boudoir photographer, I already understand how to focus on details, my client’s form and beauty. These are very valuable skills when photographing a cosplayer.

Back to the cosplay photoshoot …

We decided to focus on M.’s elf queen character. She arrived at the studio and Caitlin Robin handled her makeup. Caitlin is a makeup Goddess – I highly recommend you seek her out if you ever need a professional makeup artist.

cosplay photos

This shoot happened in the summer of 2021. (Yes, I’m that far behind in posting about photoshoots!) For this cosplay character, it would have been perfect to shoot in a wooded area to create a fantasy look. Unfortunately it was over 100 degrees that day, so rather than bake, we stayed in the studio.

I used what I call “the dungeon wall” backdrop by Kate Backdrops. M. agreed that it would work for her vision of the photos. She also wanted to have a fashion feel, but still create the fantasy of the elvish world. To that end we incorporated some extra props, a magic wand, some fairy lights and a fire book.

maryland cosplay
cosplay photography in Maryland
maryland cosplay photographer
The resulting photos are a mixture of M’s modeling, cosplay costume & character design, Caitlin’s incredible makeup and my eye and photo editing. Although I don’t often shoot cosplay photography, I love the genre. I could see getting very creative in the editing phase to design elaborate fantasy scenes that would enhance the images. The dragon boudoir photo is an example of what I mean.
fantasy cosplay photography
If you are a cosplayer looking for beautiful images, reach out to my studio to discuss your ideas. Let’s create some cosplay photography that is unique, themed and fun!

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