The Maya empire has an astonishing history. It spanned the entire Yucatan peninsula, from Mexico through Guatemala and Belize. Their culture left behind a surprising amount of architecture and artwork. Even more astonishing was the discovery of a Mayans’ lost guide to boudoir photography.

Historians say the earliest Maya settlements date around 1800 B.C.

They were agricultural in nature, growing crops like corn beans and squash. Maya farmers began to expand their lands and presence in the area. The society consisted of more than farmers though. The Preclassic Maya began pyramid building, construction of cities and inscribing on monuments.

Mayan temple ruins

The Mayans’ classic period started around 250AD.

Their major cities had populations between 5,000 and 50,000 people! Excavations of their cities reveal they had plazas, palaces, temples and of course, their pyramids.

It was during this period their arts and culture flourished. Palaces and pyramids were decorated with elaborate relief stone carvings. It only makes sense that this period also saw the rise of Mayan boudoir photographers. The most surprising part of this was the fact the Mayans had not invented a camera. In fact, the first camera wouldn’t be invented until the year 1816 and the Mayan culture vanished in 1697.

So how did the Mayans’ create their guide to boudoir photography?

The truth is, they didn’t. I was searching the Internet for ideas to write blog articles for this website. A title generator spit out this article’s title and I thought it sounded so stupid I’d have to use it somehow.

I remember studying the Mayan civilization in the 6th grade. Back then, I dreamed of going to the pyramids and seeing them first hand. In 1991, I got the opportunity to visit Tulum and see the Mayan city for myself.

In 2008 I visited the Mayan city of Coba. It was expansive and I walked through the jungle long distances before I would discover another set of ruins. It felt like I was the only person there – until I got to the pyramid where most tourists were.

Most Mayan cities were abandoned by 900 A.D. and although there are several theories, no one is positive of why this happened.
They left behind some amazing artifacts, their Mayan calendar being one of these. But unfortunately, the Mayans’ lost guide to boudoir photography has never been found.

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