When you’ve found the perfect gift for someone, just giving it to them seems “ordinary.” Especially when it is a gift only you can give! That is why a lot of my clients are hunting for ways to surprise their special someone. Whether it is a boudoir album or something else, here are my favorite creative ways to give a gift.

My favorite gift presentation ideas:


1. The Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts can be a ton of fun to make and watch as your loved one goes in search of their gift. Start by giving them a card that tells them to look somewhere for their present. When they get to that location, they find another card that takes them somewhere else. You can name the locations outright, or make clues or puzzles they must solve to advance.

One of my boudoir photography clients had purchased our largest package. As extras, she had me print some of her images as 4×6 prints. Using these in place of cards, she wrote the clues on the back.

Her husband was WOWed by each photo and dutifully went in search of his next “gift.” When he solved the last clue, he ended up in the bedroom to find her wearing one of the outfits from her photoshoot. Candles lit the room, rose petals were on the bed along with the boudoir album. That’s how to present a gift to someone!

2. The Magical Moment Surprise Gift Reveal

Create a magical moment by decorating the room. It makes the surprise gift reveal romantic and special. If time is tight, you don’t have to go overboard. Candles around the room and/or string lights can set the mood. Have the gift beautifully wrapped and the focus of attention. You can do that by adding some fairy lights around the gift to keep the magical theme.


bridal boudoir

3. Pack The Gift In A Different Box

Depending on the gift’s size, you can have some fun with this. Imagine giving jewelry in a Dr. Proctor’s Recto-Kleen 2000 box. Or if you have a dog, put the gift in the Hide-A-Poo fake rock cover and go kit. There are a lot of great gag gift boxes available.

Our luxury boudoir albums may be a bit large for the Shower Margarita Machine gift box, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Pack it in an Amazon box and ask your hubby what he ordered. Act shocked when you see it is a boudoir album of your pics!

One word of warning – don’t put a lame gift in an expensive package unless you have a bigger surprise coming. Otherwise the surprise might be on you!

4. The Overly Packaged Gift

I used to do this to my sister at Christmas. I’d wrap her gift in a box and seal it with packing tape so there were no gaps to get the tape off. Then I’d wrap that in gift wrap, put it in another box and seal it the same way. There would end up being five or six boxes making the present look much bigger than it was. It would take her forever to get it open on Christmas morning. As frustrated as she got, those are the presents she always remembers. We still laugh about it to this day!


boudoir outfit guide image

5. A Day Of Gifts

Other creative ways to give a gift is to make it a whole day of surprises. Small gifts that will be found throughout the day, leading up to the main present.

A couple of my boudoir clients have used this tactic. One hid little love notes in her husband’s pockets and had his secretary slip one in his desk drawer. Another used the 4×6 images ideas I mentioned in the treasure hunt. She taped one to his steering wheel that he found in the morning. She texted him a digital while he was at work. On his way home, he found that during the day, she had taped another to his car’s steering wheel.

When he got home, he got his real gift! Her!!!

6. The Crazy Gift Delivery

Hire a service that sends out costumed animals or singing telegrams. Arrange to meet with the person before the recipient knows they are there so you can hand them the gift to deliver. Trust me, when a 6′ tall Panda hands you a gift while singing off key – you don’t forget it!

Ladies, if you have trouble figuring out what gift to give your man, think about having a boudoir photoshoot. It’s a personal gift that only you can give. The fact it is also a pampering and empowering gift for yourself is a bonus.

If you aren’t familiar with boudoir, read this article:

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I hope you’ve gotten some fun and creative ways to give a gift here. If you liked the article, I’d appreciate you sharing it with your friends!

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