People make a lot of presumptions about boudoir photography. Some of them just aren’t true. It is time to forget what you’ve heard or the prejudgements you’ve made, and learn what boudoir photography is about.

Presumption 1: Boudoir photography is photos of nude women.

Definitely not! There are levels of boudoir from modest to daring. If a client doesn’t want to be nude, she doesn’t have to be. Boudoir photoshoots are designed to help women become comfortable in their own skin. They rediscover their natural beauty, reconnect with their sensuality and are empowered with confidence in themselves. You don’t have to be nude to do that!

Presumption 2: You have to be young.

Celebrating yourself isn’t exclusive to young women. Age is just a number, older women have the right to feel beautiful and desirable too. There is no age limit on beauty. I’ve helped women celebrate their 60th trip around the sun with birthday boudoir. So put that age idea away because it just isn’t true.

Presumption 3: You have to be skinny.

Unfortunately a lot of women believe this and it makes me sad. Boudoir photography is about celebrating you. It helps you on the journey of self-love, to accepting and loving your body no matter what shape it is. If you feel overweight, sure it can be healthy to exercise and lose it, but it shouldn’t stop you from a boudoir shoot. Feeling bad about weight is a reason to do it and stop your inner critic cold.

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Presumption 4: You need to know how to pose.

Wrong! You could be a complete novice in front of a camera and still get beautiful boudoir photos. Your boudoir photographer will coach you on how to pose from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. They will make sure you look fantastic in your pics! Seeing your photos, unedited, straight from the camera will empower you and build your confidence. You will feel like a supermodel in no time!

Presumption 5: Only vain and beautiful women do boudoir.

Half truth … vanity has noting to do with having aboudoir photography photoshoot. It isn’t vain to invest in yourself to feel more confident and desirable.

The fact every woman is uniquely beautiful means that yes, only beautiful women do boudoir. When you look in a mirror and find imperfections, that is normal. No one is perfect. If you don’t feel beautiful, it is because you focus on the perceived flaws instead of all your positive qualities. Beauty is much more than the physical body. See yourself through the eyes of others, my lens will make you realize your inner critic has been lying to you.

Presumption 6: You need to give the photos to someone.

Our luxury boudoir albums do make incredible gifts for a significant other. But about 50% of my clients do a boudoir shoot for themselves. The empowerment from the session allows women to feel better about themself. This confidence and good feeling spills over into relationships, their work and their social life. So if you don’t have a partner, don’t worry. You can always give the experience and photos to yourself.

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Only about 5% of women in the United States are naturally shaped like the models you see in advertising and on television. The beauty, television and movie industries spend a lot of money on proper lighting, makeup, photography and video equipment and editing. On social media, you see filtered shots that are doctored to make the photo look better. You can’t compare yourself to them because most of it isn’t real. So if you aren’t shaped like the 5%, you are in the majority and deserve to celebrate yourself for being a real woman. Oh, and I have the lighting, cameras & lens to take your best photos ever. Plus there is an in-house professional makeup artist to prepare you for your closeup. Celebrate yourself – you deserve the confidence and empowerment boost.

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