There are a lot of excuses why women don’t schedule a boudoir experience. Am I thin enough? Will I be sexy enough? Do I look good enough? Will I look awkward? I’m not sure how to pose. People may laugh at me. People may think I am vain. And the list goes on …

But here you are, reading about it, thinking about it and just not sure if you should pull the trigger.

So instead of the excuses, think about what a boudoir photo shoot would mean to you. There is a reason you are interested. That reason means something to you, and you deserve to make it happen. You are definitely worth it!

So with reason in mind, now let’s give you another ten to help push you past the roadblock and make your dream photo shoot happen!

1. The Gift

Giving your partner a one of a kind gift for their birthday or an anniversary is a tremendous reason! It isn’t something they can get in a store, it is something only you can give. A romantic boudoir album will definitely put a smile on their face. It is unexpected and always appreciated!

And remember, the experience is for you – the gift is for them and you will both enjoy the photos for years to come.

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2. The Birthday Photo Shoot

Age is just a number, but you will never be this young again. Your years on Earth and experiences have transformed you into the woman you are. So celebrate this time in your life by giving yourself the empowering gift of confidence.

I’ve helped women as old as 63 to as young as 24 celebrate their special day with birthday boudoir. So no matter what milestone you are hitting, give yourself a special treat and schedule your boudoir session!

26th birthday photoshoot

3. Celebrate Your Femininity

Has society told you who to be? It can be difficult at times to let your inner Goddess out. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and sexy without fear. A boudoir photo shoot is a supportive, no-judgement zone where you are free to be yourself. So celebrate your femininity and empower yourself to take on the world!

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4. Christmas

We’ve talked about gift giving, but Christmas Boudoir is another beast! A themed photoshoot for a special Christmas gift will be your partner’s biggest surprise under the tree. The question is, do you want to be on the naughty or nice list? Heck, we can shoot some of each!

Holiday Boudoir In Maryland
Christmas Boudoir

5. Valentine’s Day

Another themed photoshoot for the love of your life. A Valentine’s Day boudoir album is the ultimate “I Love You” gift! Your partner will love it – and you will love the experience of the shoot and gifting the album.

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6. The Goal

You’ve worked hard and achieved something, so treat yourself! Maybe you’ve lost weight or got a promotion. So let’s record this moment in time so you can look back and experience how badass you are right now!

7. Mommy Makeover

Raising kids isn’t easy. Moms can get mentally exhausted and struggle with self-doubt. Your body has changed, you may have trouble seeing yourself as desirable and beautiful.

When the stress of life start taking it’s toll, it is important to take a break for some self-care. Give yourself a day to get pampered and be the center of attention. You’ll walk away feeling rejuvenated, confident and sexy again. Plus, you’ll have gorgeous photos to remind you that you still rock the world!

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body confidence photoshoot

8. Healing

From daily struggles against mental health issues like depression, to major battles against cancer, boudoir can be a valuable step in your healing journey.

The studio is a safe space where you can take the first steps toward accepting and loving yourself again. You are a survivor and the photos will remind you of your triumphs. Plus, when life gets tough, you’ll be able to look back on the images and memories for inspiration and strength.

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9. The Break Up

Divorce, breakups and betrayal suck. They can leave you questioning yourself and your value. This is the time to pick yourself up and do a boudoir photo shoot for yourself. It is your time to shine and see you are an amazing woman and you’ve still got it! You can also use some of the photos for dating apps!

10. Because You Deserve It

You take care of others, now it is time to take care of yourself. You deserve to feel good about yourself and how you look. You deserve to have the confidence that you are more than enough! It is time to show yourself the same love you show for others and give yourself a treat.

A boudoir photo shoot is a celebration of your life. A forever gift of how you want to remember yourself and be remembered. It is an investment in your well-being that will transform how you see yourself. So no more excuses, let’s plan the perfect photo shoot for you!

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