Boudoir Outfits That Hide Your Stomach During A Photo Shoot


Helpful boudoir poses that hide stomach insecurities

Regardless of weight, the belly can be an issue for many women. Stretch or “tiger” marks from pregnancy can cause concern, as can scars from accidents or surgery. Or maybe you’ve worked out and can’t get rid of that paunch. If you want boudoir poses that hide stomach fat, or just want to hide your belly for whatever reason, I’ve got you covered.

Before I share the poses, know that your boudoir photographer can help. Let them know about your insecurities ahead of the photoshoot. They will guide you into poses that flatter your form and help you look amazing. There are plenty of ways to take sexy photos that focus on your favorite assets without your belly being the center of attention.

how to stay safe during a boudoir photography shoot

1. Lie on your stomach

If you can’t see it, it won’t be a problem! This is a classic boudoir pose that offers a ton of options for amazing pics. It can be an easy way to pose, but it can also require some work to accentuate your curves.

implied nudity risque photo shoot

Push your bottom out and arch your back to accent your form.

boudoir pose to hide tummy
Cross your feet.
boudoir pose that hides stomach
Pull a leg up beside you to add dimension and shape.
bed pose to hide belly
Prop up on your elbows, run a hand through your hair.
boudoir pose that hides stomach fat
Rest your head on your arm. Look into the camera, or close your eyes and part your lips.
different angles and heights create very different looks
Your photographer should move around to capture different angles, and heights. Depending on where the camera is positioned, you can create some very different looks. They can come in for details and move back for wider shots. This is one of the most versatile boudoir poses that hide stomach issues!
boudoir pose that hides stomach fat

2. Lie on your back

Wait a second, if you lie on your back, there is your tummy for the world to see … how is that hiding things?

We are working with gravity and angles here. Push your bottom into the bed and arch your back, popping the chest out. Bend your legs to different angles so one knee is higher than the other and arch those toes to tone and lengthen them. Raise your chin toward the ceiling.

Now you can run your hands slowly along your body, keeping them soft and only touching yourself with a finger. Trace your collar bone. Tug on your outfit or a bra strap, then slip the strap off your shoulder.

Again your photographer should be snapping plenty of angles. You will end up with some beautiful photos and your tummy won’t be an issue!

hide stomach fat by stretching your core

3. Show them your back

Turn your back to the camera, it is a great way to show off your curves and draw attention to your bottom. Turn your head to one side and look back over your shoulder so they can see your beautiful face.

If your photographer is shooting with natural light, they may move you around this time. Playing with the way the light falls across you can emphasize your curves and bottom.


4. Suck it in and stretch it out

Lengthen your body from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. Straighten your spine and stand up like someone is pulling a string attached to the top of your head. This will extend your core and help tighten loose skin in your midsection. Suck in and you’ll be amazed at how toned you can look.

Below, she is stretching out one side and her outfit covers anything we don’t want you to see.

Give them a chance to look at your beautiful backside
stretch pose
Look up - angled tummy hiding pose

5. Look up

Sit on the floor and lean up against a couch, chair or bed. Your photographer can take a high angle looking down toward you. In this position your stomach will almost be hidden. When people see this photo they will focus on your beautiful face and form.

wife glamour photoshoot

6. Show off that smile and your beautiful eyes

Boudoir photography isn’t about photographing body parts. There are other ways to capture your natural beauty that build confidence. Let’s focus on your face, your expressions and personality. You can convey so many emotions that will draw the viewer in.

leg covering stomach - boudoir pose

7. Curl up

It is easy to position your body to hide belly fat. Hold your knees up to your chest and wrap your arms around them. Sit in a chair at an angle and bring one leg up to hide your tummy. Sit on the bed and bring your knees up to cover your belly. All of these are cute poses that create beautiful boudoir photos.

boudoir pose - the curl up
covered belly pose

8. Sit on your knees

This is another pose that lets you lengthen your core and use the muscles of your legs to tighten the midsection. From the front, you can straighten up and suck in. You might try leaning forward and looking up toward the camera. Everything is tightened so you create a more slender look.
covering stomach in boudoir photo

9. Use creative props

Boudoir props can be used to hide areas of concern too. Hold a guitar in front of you to hide your tummy. A blanket can be pulled up to your chest or chin. Above we used a fur pillow to hide her belly. Angles can again provide a view of curves without showing the stomach.

hiding belly in boudoir photo by use of angles

10. Window portraits

One of the most popular photo sets at my studio are the window portraits. White lace curtains wrap around the client to create soft and beautiful imagery. The curtains can easily hide perceived problem areas.

Boudoir Outfits That Hide Your Stomach During A Photo Shoot

Another solution to hiding stomach fat and other insecurities is to cover them up with boudoir outfits. When used with boudoir poses that hide stomach issues, they are a powerful combination. Let’s go through some outfits to give you ideas.

1. The camisole

A camisole or “cami” is a sleeveless undergarment with thin shoulder straps. It normally extends to the waist and can be made of satin, nylon, silk or cotton. To hide weight, you should opt for a loose fitting camisole. If your goal is to hide a scar, tattoo or skin blemish, a form fitting cami would help show off your form.

2. A chemise

The chemise or shift is a modern women’s undergarment or dress. It hangs lower than a camisole and is not fitted at the waist, which makes it perfect for hiding the tummy.

3. The babydoll

A babydoll is a short, sleeveless loose fitting negligee. These come in a variety of styles and may be trimed with lace, appliques, bows, feathers or ruffles.

4. The bodysuit

If hiding stretch marks or scars, a bodysuit is an excellent choice. These are form fitting, so if you are trying to hide your tummy, look for something else.

5. A t-shirt

An over-sized t-shirt is great for covering up the belly. Plus, you can pull on them and stretch them to create playful boudoir poses.

6. A Blouse

Another great choice for a boudoir outfit. These work great as they slip down over your shoulders to reveal a sexy bra!

7. Your man’s shirt

Not only does this allow you to conceal problem areas, but it makes a great photo! Being photographed in one of his shirts is a way of letting him know you were thinking of him. These are always popular for shoots where you are creating a gift for a partner.

Don’t let insecurities hold you back

Being self-conscious about your stomach or any other part of your body shouldn’t hold you back. Using flattering poses, boudoir props and outfits, your photographer can create beautiful photos of you.

Talk with your photographer before the shoot to let him or her know what areas of your body you may want to hide or downplay. This will allow them to work with you so you can both plan to minimize these worries. And never fear, you won’t be the first client to have this concern. Boudoir photographers have seen it all and are hard to shock!

It is time to put your inner critic and insecurities behind you. Schedule a boudoir session and experience the change it makes in your life. You may be nervous, but you’ll never grow stronger if you stay in your comfort zone.

Let me know if my team and I can support and help you with this part of your journey to self-acceptance.

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