Boudoir photos aspire to capture your natural beauty and personality. Boudoir accessories can help. I’ve created this list of fun and creative props for boudoir shoots that can give your photos a personal touch.

Props For Boudoir


Sports Theme

Are you or your partner into sports? Sports gear can make your photos lots of fun! Baseballs, footballs and soccer balls can help with this look. Baseball bats and hockey sticks, are unique props too. Think surfboards, ice or roller skates, snowboards – every sport has some way to be represented.

Match these props with a jersey, or a bra & panty set, and you have the makings of a very personal sports boudoir photo!


Hats are another great prop for a boudoir shoot. Wear a partner’s hat, or something you own that they love on you. Try something new and different, or wear a cap from your favorite sports team.

There are a lot of ways to use a hat in boudoir photos. It can look cute on, or used to cover yourself strategically and leave them wondering!

Fedora Hat Boudoir Prop Idea

Here Comes The Bride

For bridal boudoir, veils, shoes, jewelry and other wedding accessories will help recall this special time in your lives. Of course cap these with some sexy white lingerie and your fiancé will fall in love all over again.

Playful Props For Boudoir

Do you or your partner play music? Bring a guitar, a Ukulele, a violin, cello, flute or clarinet.

Not a musician but still love music? Bring a t-shirt or hat featuring your favorite band or singer. Headphones, vinyl records and their album covers make great boudoir props too!

boudoir prop ideas - microphone

Flowers For Fun

Add a floral element to your photos. A single rose, a bouquet, or we could sprinkle some rose petals around you. Flowers can create a romantic mood and add extra color and texture to your pictures. These are also great for bridal boudoir. Talk to your florist and get some flowers that will be in your wedding bouquet!

boudoir prop ideas - flowers


For birthday boudoir, get some number balloons or party balloons to add to the festivities. These are also awesome boudoir props for bridal boudoir in the colors of your wedding.

Fifty Shade Of Fun

Read Fifty Shades Of Grey? Want to add some sparks to your boudoir shoot? Why not? We are a judgement free zone, so have some fun. Lace masks, silk ribbons, scarves, blindfolds, cuffs, chains, leather, gags or a whip can all grab your partner’s attention!

fetish boudoir
fetish ball gag boudoir prop

Head pieces

Hair jewelry, crowns and head pieces make a great accent prop. Don’t be afraid to try something dramatic! You do you!

head piece boudoir props & costume ideas

The Chef

Do you or your partner enjoy working in the kitchen? Bring an apron, a couple of kitchen utensils and a chef hat for some fun. Want something super sexy? Bring some flour and put a white handprint on your bottom. Your partner will eat it up!

The Job

Is your partner a salesman or lawyer? Bring a briefcase. A handyman or contractor? Bring tools or a tool belt. A work jacket or coat, a shirt & tie – something that says you were thinking of them during your time in front of the camera.


A small (or large) sign, card or love note can add a personal touch to your photos too. Let someone know you love them!

Other Props For Boudoir

Every boudoir studio is different, but many may have some props on hand. At my studio we have:

  • Faux Fur Blankets in different styles and colors.
  • Fake wine glasses
  • Fake Champagne glass, bottle & ice bucket
  • Long pearl necklaces
  • A feather fan
  • An antique phone
  • A huge teddybear
  • Sheer fabric
  • Crowns
  • Retro Microphone on stand
  • Cameras (real & wooden)
  • A Fire Book
  • A fog machine
  • A ladder
  • A leather flogger
  • A dragon (available as an extra)
  • Skeletons for Halloween Boudoir
  • Santa hats for Christmas Boudoir

and the list continues to grow.

Below are some example images of the props for boudoir shoots we have at my studio. Click images to enlarge for a better view.
faux fur boudoir props
antique phone boudoir prop
fake wine glass boudoir prop
fire book halloween boudoir prop
crown & sheer fabric boudoir props
santa hat boudoir prop
dragon boudoir prop
fake wine glass boudoir prop
ladder boudoir prop
angel wings boudoir prop

Check with your boudoir photographer to see what they have and then get anything you’ll need to bring.

You won’t want to use props in all your photos, so select just a few of your favorite ideas from the list. Let your photographer know ahead of the photoshoot what you are bringing prop wise. That will help him or her to think creatively and come up with some flattering poses for you.

Remember, your boudoir photos should focus on you. Props for boudoir shoots are merely accents that allow you to shine.

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