There are a lot of myths about boudoir photography thanks to people who don’t understand it. That disinformation will keep some women from experiencing the incredible benefits of boudoir. So today, I’m busting the top 10 myths about boudoir so you can have the facts.

1. Boudoir photography is nude photos

FALSE: Boudoir photography is an empowering photo session that builds a woman’s confidence in her body and natural beauty. While some women do pose in the nude, others wear lingerie or stay completely covered. Sessions are built around the client’s personal preferences and they are in control. Boudoir is NOT pornography!


2. I have to pose in my lingerie for boudoir photography

FALSE: I basically busted that above but wanted to make sure to clear this myth up! While many boudoir images you see do feature lingerie, that is not what makes a shoot boudoir. When scheduling, the client receives a guide of outfit ideas. She can then select clothing that makes her feel comfortable. Each shoot is personalized to the client – I can’t stress this enough.

romantic glamour photo
boudoir is about feeling sexy, and you don't have to be naked to be sexy

Proof you don’t need to be naked or in lingerie to have beautiful boudoir photos taken.

3. Boudoir photography is for younger women

FALSE: Boudoir photography is for any woman who wants to feel better about herself. I’ve photographed grandmothers in their 60’s who have rocked their session! While our bodies do age, that doesn’t mean you lose your sensuality and beauty. Celebrate your age and be proud of everything your body has been through!


4. I’d need to lose weight for a boudoir photography photoshoot

FALSE: Your weight does not define who you are. A boudoir photographer’s goal is to capture your natural beauty. The sparkle in your eye, your personality and attitude, the things that make you – you! Don’t allow your weight or size to keep you from feeling good about yourself.

Sexy isn’t a shape, it is an attitude & confidence. Celebrate yourself for all that you are!

5. Boudoir photography is sexy and I don’t know how to be sexy

MOSTLY FALSE: I tend to look at boudoir photography as sensual art. While you may not know how to be sexy or sensual, that is fine. I’ve never had a client who knew how to look sexy for photos. My job is to guide you through the process, coaching you on how to pose and what to do. During the photoshoot, I will show you some of the unedited images straight from the camera. Your confidence will grow quickly – you can do this!


6. Boudoir photography is a gift for your man.

PARTIALLY FALSE: About 50% of my clients are having a photoshoot to create a gift for their partner. Luxury boudoir albums make great gifts for his birthday, an anniversary, Christmas or as a wedding gift.

That leaves the other 50% who do a boudoir photoshoot for themselves. Some are celebrating a milestone like a birthday, physical fitness goal or weight loss. Others have had plastic surgery and want to document their “new body.” I’ve helped cancer survivors who wanted to see themselves as still vibrant and sexy. Women who are making changes in their life. Women who have breakups and want to remember they are more than enough. Mothers about to give birth who want to document this special time of their lives.

All of them will benefit from the confidence and self-esteem boost of a boudoir session. Plus, they will all be able to look back at their boudoir photos years down the road and remember how incredible they are!

Do it for yourself, or do it for someone you love. Either way, you will experience the benefits of boudoir.

7. Boudoir photography is expensive

FALSE: There are photographers for every budget. You want to be careful of cheap boudoir photographers, and you want to make sure your boudoir experience is safe. But don’t assume you can’t afford it!

If you find a photographer you like and their prices are out of your current budget, ask about a payment plan. Boudoir is an investment in self-care and self-love. Becoming comfortable in your own skin and beating self-doubt along with your inner critic is worth the investment.


8. Boudoir photography is a trend

FALSE: Boudoir is an art form and art has been around since the beginning of man kind. Granted, it has evolved from cave drawings, but hasn’t everything?

Before the invention of photography, artists captured women’s beauty in paintings. Giorgione’s Sleeping Venus, Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus, Rembrandt’s Bathsheba at Her Bath and even DaVinci’s Mona Lisa are examples of this.

Through the years the art has changed, there were pin up girls, glamour shots and today’s modern boudoir. Although boudoir photography is available to a much wider audience today, the art of beauty is timeless.

Boudoir photography is art.

9. Boudoir photography isn’t for shy women

FALSE: Boudoir photography can help a woman become more confident and sure of herself. Every woman is nervous when they go to their shoot. Putting yourself in a vulnerable state is outside of most people’s comfort zone. My studio is a safe, supportive, no-judgement zone where you are free to be yourself. You don’t need to worry about a thing. My team and I will help you every step of the way. You’ll feel like a supermodel and by the time we finish the photoshoot you’ll be on top of the world!


10. If I do boudoir photography my photos will be on the Internet

FALSE: Client privacy is a priority for a professional boudoir photographer. Their reputation depends on it! Your photoshoot contract will have a clause stating your images are private unless you provide written permission to share. While many clients are so thrilled with their images they give me permission to share, others do not. Those that don’t stay private and are deleted from my hard drives after their orders are filled.

Even when a client signs a release, I never reveal their name in association with the photos. This way, their image will never show up if someone does a search for their name.

Consider those myths busted! Now that you have a better feel for what boudoir truly is, hopefully you can move forward. My studio’s goal is to make sure you have a fun and empowering session. If you’d like to find out more, contact the studio to set up a free consultation call. There is no pressure to book. I’ll explain our process, answer your questions and if you decide you want to schedule a session, help get you on the calendar!

If you want more information before you reach out, I recommend you look around my website and read this article to help you learn more:

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