Boudreaux , Boudreau, Bordure … how do you spell it?

A word that isn’t often used by the average person can end up with some interesting spellings. According to the search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo – when people do a search for boudoir photography, they sometimes spell it:

  • Boudreaux Photography
  • Boudreau Photography, and
  • Bordure Photography

No matter which way you spell it, although the correct way is boudoir, you are searching for an experience.

Correctly done, a boudoir photoshoot instills a new found confidence in the client. It is permission to fall in love with yourself all over again and find your inner Goddess. The session will have you feeling and looking more beautiful than ever.

boudoir outfit guide image

Why do women have boudoir photoshoots?

Maybe they are feeling older and are looking to recapture their sexy.

Some are celebrating a milestone with birthday boudoir.

There are those who have or are survivors of cancer or other diseases. Sometimes they want to document their body before treatment. Other times they want to feel more confident with their bodies again after a surgery. And there are those who do both.

Upcoming nuptials are sometimes celebrated with Bridal Boudoir. Not only does the bride gain more confidence and document this special time, but creates a unique groom’s gift for her fiancé.

Women who have divorced or gone through traumas and want to feel beautiful again have boudoir photoshoots.

Women who are curvy and want to celebrate their body have them too.

Women following a weight-loss journey will document themselves with boudoir.

Expectant mothers capture this special time. The sensual images make them feel desirable and beautiful.

Some want to create an amazing gift for their partner’s birthday, or an anniversary, Valentine’s Day or Christmas.

And there are those who just want to treat themselves to a unique experience that will leave them inspired and feeling beautiful.

schedule your boudoir photo session early

So if you are looking for a boudreaux photoshoot … err… boudreau Photoshoot, I mean bordure photoshoot, you really want a boudoir photoshoot. And if you are in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Washington DC or Virginia, I can help.

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