Innocent and sexy boudoir photos? Do those words even belong together? Of course they do!

Innocent and sexy boudoir is a look that appeals to women and men! If you are planning a boudoir shoot to gift your husband, fiancé or partner, they may be the perfect mix.

No need to worry …

Most clients worry about how much they will have to show during a boudoir photoshoot. That is totally up to you and your comfort level. I have just as many clients that stay covered as I do those who bare it all. If you want a modest boudoir session or something more risqué, the decision is always yours.

innocent and sexy boudoir
Sexy innocence creates a beautifully romantic feel for boudoir photos. The art of seduction shines through your pictures with a playful glance, a bit of shyness and a cute smile.
sexy and innocent boudoir photos
Don’t worry, if you aren’t sure what to do, I can coach you on how to pose your body, face and hands to create the look you want to capture. My team and I will design a unique and intimate experience that makes you feel comfortable, sexy and empowered.

Innocent and sexy …

So if you want to feel more:

  • like a princess than a diva,
  • soft and feminine instead of hot vixen,
  • cute and cuddly instead of smoking goddess …

Then an innocent and sexy boudoir photoshoot may be the perfect option for you. Whatever style of boudoir you are searching for, reach out to my studio to discuss your perfect boudoir session. I’m happy to talk about your needs, answer your questions, and if you decide to move forward, create the perfect photoshoot for you.

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