Boudoir is art for your sweetheart.

Picture the face of your husband when he opens a luxury album filled with gorgeous & sexy photos of you! It is a jaw dropping moment for a one of a kind gift that he will cherish forever.

More and more women are getting boudoir photos for husbands. A boudoir book is the perfect anniversary gift, birthday gift, Valentine’s Day gift, holiday gift or anytime gift!

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The unexpected surprise …

Forget the shirt, socks, underwear and suits. The romantic dinner or surprise party is fleeting. But when you give boudoir pictures to your husband, he’ll never see it coming!

Most of my clients who do boudoir shoots to gift their husbands tell me their man was totally surprised. It isn’t something he expected, because it is so far removed from what he usually gets as a gift. Best of all, every client says “he loved it!”

The best boudoir photography

Boudoir photos are something only you can give him. It isn’t something he can walk into a store and get for himself. Your husband can’t order it online. It is created with love and customized to represent you and the bond you have with him.

More than a gift for him …

Giving your husband boudoir photo gifts can re-ignite intimacy. But it is much more than just a gift for him, it becomes a gift for you too.

Boudoir offers you a chance for personal growth. You’ll get to see yourself the way others see you, as a vibrant, beautiful woman. It is the chance to be pampered and encouraged in a supportive atmosphere. There is a reason almost every client talks about how empowering their session was – and you deserve that.

Maryland Boudoir Photographer

If you are considering boudoir pictures for your husband, let’s talk. I’d be happy to hear about your desires for the perfect shoot, answer your questions and see if I may be of service. Even if I’m not the right boudoir photographer for you, the journey begins with the first step. No pressure, I’m here to help if I can.

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