If your wife is thinking about a boudoir session, chances are you have questions. I’ve assembled this spouse’s guide to boudoir photography to help answer them and put your mind at ease.

Is this type of photoshoot safe?

Your number one concern should be, will your wife be safe? Posing in an intimate setting can lead to issues if you aren’t careful.

I’ve put together an entire article on this subject and encourage everyone to read it. The article “Is Boudoir Safe?” can be found by clicking this link.

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Why is my wife thinking about a boudoir session?

You will need to talk with her about this, but I can share some reasons my clients have had sessions.

Some clients present gifts of bridal boudoir, a husband’s birthday gift, for holidays or anniversaries.

Others want to document their bodies before children or surgery, or to celebrate weight-loss or milestone birthdays. And there are those who just want to feel better about themselves.

No matter what reason they want to have a boudoir photoshoot, there are benefits beyond expectations.

Over 80% of American women are unhappy with their body. Aging, child birth, weight changes, stress, depression and illness affect this view of their physical looks.

While you can tell a woman how beautiful she is, the little voice inside her head says she isn’t what she used to be. This lowers her confidence, self-esteem, and ultimately, other aspects of her life.

Through a boudoir experience, woman can reconnect with their beauty and feel comfident again. It starts with a professional makeup and styling session to help her relax and feel beautiful. The boudoir photographer then coaches her into poses that will flatter her body type.

The results are indisputable proof that she is still naturally beautiful. The photos act as reminders that she is a strong, desirable woman and will renew her confidence every time she sees them.

DIY Boudoir Photos with phone

Boudoir is an incredible journey of self-love.


Is this really necessary?

Every woman is different, but there is a reason your wife is interested in this type of experience. She may not be able to explain it to you, because for some, the feeling is difficult to define.

Many of my clients have boudoir sessions as part of their own personal growth experience. They want to step outside of their comfort zone and do something different. It is a step toward discovering their own sense of personal empowerment.

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Isn’t boudoir indecent?

Boudoir doesn’t mean nudity. The experience also isn’t about objectifying a woman’s body. In fact, boudoir has little to do with sex. It is more about helping clients regain their self-confidence & self-esteem through body positivity.

Your wife calls all the shots when it comes to her comfort zone.

Women don’t need to be naked to look and feel sexy. My clients pose in everything from dresses & sweaters to lingerie & less. They make the decisions on what to wear during the session.

boudoir is about feeling sexy, and you don't have to be naked to be sexy

Isn’t boudoir anti-feminist?

Women taking control of their body, sexuality and femininity is what feminism is about.

What if I don’t want her to do this?

While you get to experience your wife’s beauty and radiance first hand, she may have lost the ability to see what you do. Boudoir helps with that.

The photos may be for you, but the experience is for her. At least take that into consideration and try to be supportive of her interest and reasons for wanting a session.

How To Take Good Boudoir Selfies With Your Phone

What would she do with the photos?

Keep in mind the photoshoot and boudoir photos are two different things.

A boudoir photoshoot is about the experience. A special day of pampering and feeling powerful in a supportive, private and fun setting. It will give her a major confidence boost and have her walking on air.

Depending on her package, she could order the photos as prints, in a luxury album or even as digital files. She will likely share them with you, which helps to re-invigorate your connection. Every time she looks at the photos, she will remember the feeling of confidence she gained during the shoot. Plus as you look at them 10 or 20 years down the road, it will be a reminder of how beautiful she was and always will be.

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Who is going to see her photos?

They are private, for her eyes only. She is the only one who can share them. Read more about boudoir photo privacy here.

Some clients do give me permission to share their images to promote my business. That decision, and what photos can be shared is completely up to her (and you.)

Every image on my website and social media are only shared with a signed release form. Client’s names are never associated with their images so they do not turn up in a search.

What is this going to cost?

I encourage your wife to reach out to the boudoir studio of her choice to discuss pricing and photo packages. The studio should be willing to share their pricing up front, even if it is not listed on the website.

To give you an idea, most of my clients end up spending between $2,500 and $3,500 for their photoshoot and album package. Some spend less than $1,000 and some spend more than $5,000.

Remember the cost of the service is based on the level of experience, professionalism and personalized attention the client receives. The cost of photo packages is based on the quality of the products sold.

With an intimate photoshoot like this, a cheap boudoir photographer is not the way to go. You want someone who has the credentials and ability to provide you with a quality experience.

Things to remember …

A boudoir shoot is more than just sexy photos. It is a session that boosts confidence and allows women of all ages, sizes, shapes and ethnicities to fall in love with their bodies again.

Your wife is interested for a reason and since you are reading this, she is likely looking for your support. Chances are she is constantly doing things to help you and others. Give her this opportunity to reconnect with herself. She deserves the time to experience the radiance she gifts you with every day.

If you have more questions, reach out to my studio. I will be happy to arrange a consultation call where I can answer your questions and see if I may be of help.

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