Thinking about a boudoir photoshoot? What led you here? Some of my clients have gone through a major life change. They want to regain control of their self-confidence and body. Others are getting ready for their wedding day and want to have an experience that will remind them of this time. I’ve had clients who reached a weight-loss or fitness goal and want to celebrate. Cancer survivors who have documented their body before and following surgery for memories and acceptance. Women who have had plastic surgery and want to celebrate their new body. Divorcees who want to see themselves as beautiful and desirable again. Then there are those who just want to celebrate themselves for being a strong, beautiful woman.
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Whatever reason brought you here, congratulations on taking the steps and investing in yourself. The boudoir photos and experience will stay with you for a lifetime. Every time you look at the images, you will feel empowered as they remind you how brave and amazing you are. Magazine quality photographs that tell your story of your courage to try something new. How you went out of your comfort zone and felt so much better for the experience. You’ll remember the challenges and obstacles you overcame to celebrate your win.
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Your boudoir images will represent who you are as a woman. There is no need to worry, this is one investment in yourself that will continue to pay dividends.

They are a reminder of the love that you have for yourself and your body. A glimpse into your story that may help inspire others on their journey of self-love, body-positivity and acceptance.

You are reading this for a reason. Now is the time to take the step and see how amazing life can be on the other side of fear.

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