“I need to lose weight before I do a boudoir shoot.”

“I need to tone up at the gym before I do a boudoir shoot.”

These excuses arise again and again. Deep down, I know these women are interested. They reach out to the studio for information, or spend time on the website reading articles and client references.

The problem is, they feel like they need to be “perfect.” They feel like they could never look like the women in my photos. But perfection isn’t realistic.

Even if you are on a body-positivity or a self-love journey, putting yourself out there can be scary. It is one thing to look in the mirror and accept yourself. Photos however are proof and you may find yourself scared of proof that you are beautiful.

I mean, what if the photos don’t look good. That ties directly into your body-image and self-esteem. It could undo a lot of work that you’ve put in to accept yourself.

Do you think the woman in the photos below doesn’t deserve to feel good about herself? That even though she isn’t a skinny model that she shouldn’t love her body just the way it is? Should she be less worthy of feeling empowered by her sexuality because she likes dessert once and awhile?

you deserve a boudoir experience
the experience of boudoir

I hope you said no – because she is definitely worth, and good enough, and beautiful as she is.

So why should you feel like you don’t deserve to feel that way?

As a boudoir photographer, I work with my clients to find out what they like and don’t like about themselves. This way I can light and pose you, then find the perfect angles to highlight your strengths and diminish other areas.

My retouching techniques smooth out skin, reduce blemishes and I can even change body lines. Each edit is designed to make you look like you on your best day!

So stop telling yourself you have to wait for the opportunity. You deserve to experience a boudoir session now, all you have to do is show up – and my team and I will take care of the rest!

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