Nervous about your boudoir photoshoot? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Every new client who comes to the studio is nervous about their shoot. It isn’t everyday you step out of your comfort zone and place yourself in a vulnerable position.


You are taking the chance to look at yourself in a new way and aren’t sure if you will like it. Your mind questions if you are young enough, good looking enough, thin enough, and runs through a list of things you don’t like about yourself.


Shutting those negative thoughts down is one of the reasons you absolutely should be doing a boudoir photoshoot. It is time to connect with your true self and see your body with compassion. The sense of confidence that comes from this will empower you in so many ways, in all aspects of your life.

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Many women think about having a boudoir photoshoot for months or even years before they make a decision. It can be difficult to trust in yourself enough to experience the emotional aspects of the shoot. The fears unfortunately cause many to miss out on an amazing and life-changing experience.


If you are one of the women on the fence, trying to decide, my best advice is to read client testimonials and watch the video interviews with them. Many say how they had fears and concerns too, and how the shoot transformed their belief in themselves. They, and I, believe every woman should experience this at least once.


That is why so many women have given me written permission to share their boudoir photos on this website and my social media. They hope their stories and photos will inspire other women to take the chance.

Let’s look at some reasons you may be nervous about your boudoir photoshoot:


1. Negative Self-Talk

We allow ourselves to criticize aspects of our bodies. These thoughts become so ingrained that they become our reality.


Say this outloud: No one is perfect!


There is no such thing as too heavy, too thin, too old, too many wrinkles, too many scars, too much cellulite or too many stretch marks. Our bodies continue to change, it is a part of who we are and shares the story of your life.


Are your stretch marks from pregnancy? If you love your child, you should love the story your body tells of the time you nurtured them inside of you.


Even imperfections contain an element of perfection! So focus on self-love and body positivity to help yourself past negativity.

2. Not sure how to pose?

You aren’t expected to! Your boudoir photographer will guide you through your session. You’ll get coached on how to stand, what to do, where to look, where your hands should be, from head to toe.


You may feel a bit awkward to start, but as soon as you see results from the camera, your confidence will soar. Soon you’ll be feeling like a supermodel!


3. Afraid you won’t like photos of yourself?

I discuss this very topic in my article: Overcoming Camera Anxiety For The Camera Shy, I suggest you read it! Your eye will immediately go to areas your inner voice tells you are flawed. It is important to step back and look at the whole of you. You are more than your physical body, your friends and loved ones know that, and it is time for you to know it too.

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Once you step forward and take the chance to have a boudoir experience, you’ll wonder why you ever waited. Let’s work toward changing your mindset and helping you see the you your inner voice has locked away in fear. Free yourself. It is the greatest gift you can receive – and only you can give it to you!


If you still aren’t sure, read: 7 Benefits Of Boudoir That May Change Your Perspective.

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