Over the past few years, I’ve become a huge fan of Pinterest. It’s like cutting pictures from your favorite magazines and pasting them around to inspire you. So it makes sense to use Pinterest to plan your boudoir shoot too.

Pinterest is a powerful tool that helps you communicate visually.

Chances are that you envision your boudoir photos in a certain way and have ideas on how your want to look. Finding the right words to share your vision may sometimes prove difficult. With Pinterest, you can have everything right there in front of you to avoid miscommunication and misunderstanding.

Creating a vision or mood board on Pinterest can help you identify the details you want in your photoshoot. The pins can inspire you to create even more powerful images than you originally thought!

Your boudoir photographer isn’t going to recreate your inspiration photos exactly. A copy is never as good as an original. That is why he or she will use to inspiration to create your own unique version. Your pins will help us tell your story in ways that better represent you.

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So how can you use Pinterest to plan?


1. Start with aesthetics

If you don’t have a clear vision in mind for your boudoir session, start with something easy. Go onto Pinterest and search for a general keyword like: Boudoir Photography.

As you look through the results you’ll start to see what others have done. Begin to pinpoint details that you really like. The photo pins that get you excited and start ideas flowing.

The goal of your aesthetics board is to figure out what vibe you are going for. Do you want dark & moody? Light & airy? Romantic? Sensual? Erotic? Artistic? Strength? Flirty? It is all up to you, and the photos you choose will help convey that feeling.

Create a private board and start to save your favorites to it. Think about what draws you to these images and leave comments or notes about why you like them. Understanding what draws you to the image will give your photographer deeper insights for your photoshoot.

2. Planning your location

Most of my client sessions shoot in my studio, but I’m not opposed to location shoots! Before you start dreaming of another location though, consult with your photographer.

Location shoots require extra time and you want to make certain the photographer has the time in their schedule. You’ll also need to know if there are any travel fees or additional billable hours that will raise your shoot fee.

Pinterest is perfect for helping you plan the look of your location. You may not be able to shoot at the same place, but your pins can inspire other ideas to meet the feel.

Perhaps you envision shooting in a luxury hotel room overlooking the city. Maybe you are a nature girl who imagines romping through the woods, or standing on a mountain top. Picture yourself in the rain? Or snow? Pinterest images can help to set the look!

Some quick notes on location planning:

If you envision an outdoor shoot, it is important to have an area free of other people, especially if you intend to wear lingerie or less. You don’t want to attract on-lookers or police, and you certainly don’t want to be attacked. I always recommend searching for private property away from prying eyes – and of course, having full permission to use the space.

For hotels or other location lodging, clients are expected to reserve and pay for the room. So make sure to budget that if you are looking at that type of space.

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3. Boudoir outfits and accessories

Everyone wonders what to wear for a boudoir photoshoot. Pinterest to the rescue! Do a search for boudoir outfits and pin the ones you like to another sub board.

Keep colors and layers in mind. Your palette may be pastels, but an occasional pop of color may highlight your photo and draw the eye. The decisions are all yours, so have fun!

Don’t be afraid to try new things, even if they are outside of your comfort zone. You’ll definitely want outfits that fit and make you feel comfortable, but as the shoot progresses your confidence will grow. That outfit that makes you a bit nervous now, may be totally in your power during the shoot!

After your search for boudoir outfits, try a few searches for boudoir accessories, jewelry, earrings, and even shoes!

4. Hair & Makeup

A hair & boudoir makeup sub board will help our in house professional makeup artist envision your dream look. So be sure to do some searches, create some pins and comment on what you like about each pin.

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5. Will you need props?

Your photos will tell a story, and although the highlight is you, simple boudoir props can add to the storyline.

Maybe you envision sitting in a chair in your lingerie, reading a book. What book are your reading? Romance novel? Poetry? What does the book look like? Dark? Light? Hardback? Paperback? Leather bound?

Perhaps you are leaning against a window ledge drinking coffee or wine. What does your mug look like? Is there a saying on it? How about your wine glass? Will you want a bottle of open wine next to you? If you are drinking tea, do you envision a tea service set?

Into 50 Shades of Grey of more? What props will you need for those images?

Plan ahead, and make sure you bring what you need. Plus pinning these images to a prop sub board helps your photographer figure out what you have in mind. In some cases, the studio may already have what you need to save you extra steps.

6. Boudoir Poses

Wondering how you will pose for your photos? No problem, part of my service is to coach you into poses that will flatter you. I have experience working with women of all ages, shapes and sizes. I’ll direct you from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, and even coach you on facial expressions.

Still, Pinterest is the perfect place to find photos of boudoir poses you like. A “Poses” sub board can help your boudoir photographer understand what types of poses you like. Leave comments about what draws you to that look. Again, we won’t recreate any photo, but we will draw inspiration from it and make an original collaboration for you.

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7. Must have shots

The must haves are the photos you can’t leave without getting. Is there a certain idea, pose or look you really want? Add it to your “Must Have” sub board. We’ll create a version that you will love.

And don’t sweat it if you are unsure of what you want. When you work with me, I’ll go over this in your planning session. I am here to help you every step of the way!

Using Pinterest to plan your boudoir session is an easy and fun way to communicate leading up to your photoshoot. It is my job to help you bring it all together and make your vision a reality. If you need any help planning your shoot with us, just reach out to the studio!

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