Wondering what to wear for boudoir photos? You aren’t alone, this is one of the most frequently asked questions about boudoir. I’ve got a free PDF magazine you can download called: 26 Perfect Boudoir Outfits & Ideas. Since I wrote that, I’ve come up with even more boudoir wardrobe tips – so here they are:

Boudoir is about feeling good in your own skin, and to do that, you need to look like yourself. Every woman has a unique natural beauty and I want you to see yours. That will empower you with confidence. So boudoir wardrobe tip #1 is:

Wear what you are comfortable in

If you have something that makes you feel sexy, bring it! It doesn’t matter if it is a pair of jeans and a shirt, a jacket, a dress, a sweater or lingerie. You know what you look good in and if you are comfortable, it will show in your photos.

Fitted clothing works best

Clothing that hugs your curves is always better than something loose. (Unless it is a partner’s button down shirt!)

Loose flowing clothing, like a billowy blouse or batwing sleeves, isn’t slimming on camera. You can get away with a flowing skirt or dress as long as the top is snug.

schedule your boudoir photo session early

It’s all about texture

Lace is one of my favorite things to photograph. The details look amazing in photos. Beadwork is another popular clothing accent that looks great. When you select your boudoir wardrobe, be sure to include some textured pieces!

Avoid busy or high contrast patterns

Some patterns can be distracting or cause banding, which is a term for an unsmooth color transition in the photo. While professional cameras can overcome this, it can become noticeable if you decide to share the image online. Logos and graphics are generally not advised either.


Consider what you will wear under each outfit. In some photos, maybe you won’t want any. Either way, figure out what you will need and make sure the pieces are in your boudoir wardrobe bag that you bring to the studio.

Tips for undergarments:

  • Nude bras will work better than white in case of a glimpse.
  • Wear black bras and panties for dark clothing.
  • Shapewear can help smooth lines.
Modest boudoir photo idea
boudoir outfit idea

Plan your palette

Bring clothing in the colors that you love. If you like bold, bright and fun, excellent. Are you more of a pastel woman? Then go with a neutral or soft palette.


Layers create a visually interesting mix, especially if the fabrics & colors compliment each other. As an example, a jacket over a blouse that is unbuttoned enough to expose your cleavage in a bra. There are a ton of options we can photograph to give you variety with layers!

Accessorize your outfits

Bring necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings, hair accessories, scarves, wraps, watches, and whatever else you may need to complete your outfits. Choose a timeless look so your photos won’t look dated in a couple of years!

Don’t forget the heels

If you wear high heels when you dress up, bring a couple of pairs along. If you are more a socks girl, then cute socks are great. Just don’t forget to plan footwear that may work with your outfits.

Boudoir Photography In Maryland Pinterest Image
Leather Jacket Boudoir Shoot Outfit

New or barely used

You don’t want to look back at your boudoir photos and think, wow, I wore the heck out of that outfit. New or barely used clothing is going to look better when photographed. If there is an outfit you dearly love and it is worn, consider getting a new one in the same style.

You don’t have to wear lingerie

Not comfortable with the idea of posing in lingerie? No problem. Bring a tank top, a crop top, a button down shirt with panties. This is your boudoir session – so again – wear what you are comfortable in.

Bring a variety of bras & panties

From simple to strappy, plain to fancy and different colors will give us a variety of choices to create different looks in your outfits.

Off the shoulder

Off the shoulder tops or loose neck sweaters are great for boudoir. Show that beautiful neck and collarbone!

grunge boudoir in Baltimore, Maryland
bed pose to hide belly
boudoir outfit suggestions

Other ideas

A sexy dress,boots,a white t-shirt, a leather or jean jacket, nighties, robes, a garter belt set, garter, stockings, knee highs, fishnets, leather, latex, props, costumes, masks, items or accessories that have meaning to you.

The birthday suit

A budget conscious option that always creates amazing photos is your birthday suit. This again is totally up to your comfort level.

With nude photography you have a lot of artistic options. You can pose for implied nudes, where nothing is actually shown, topless, tasteful nudes or fine art nude photography.

Bodyscapes and projection photography are other options when you decide to go this route.

Fine Art Nude Boudoir
kneeling boudoir pose

More boudoir wardrobe tips


Try things on

This may sound like basic advice, but you’d be surprised how many women come in with new lingerie that they haven’t tried on. You want to make sure everything fits properly. Straps shouldn’t cut in or create bulges in your skin on either side.

You should move around a bit too. Posing will require you to move into some positions that may feel awkward. (But look great in a photo!) You want to be certain your outfits move with you and aren’t too tight or loose.

Remove tags

Tags have a way of peeking out from under your clothing or lingerie. While they can sometimes be edited out when retouching your photos, other times they can not. So let’s not ruin your photos with tags!

Do this at home before you come to the studio. That way you have time to carefully cut them off and make sure the garment isn’t damaged. If you don’t want to cut them off, add a stitch to secure them inside the garment so they don’t pop out!

Press or iron garments before the shoot

Wrinkles never look good and in most cases can’t be edited out of your image without added cost.

Use hangers and garment bags

We want your outfits to look as good as you do! Carry outfits on hangers with bags over them to help them stay clean in transit.

Bring more than you need

You’ll generally wear three to four different outfits during your boudoir photoshoot. Some clients also do an implied nude, artistic nude or white sheet set. I recommend you bring more than that! Some outfits may not work out, and it is always nice to have more options than not enough.

Boudoir Fashion style photography
fashion boudoir style
boudoir near catonsville, md.

Wear loose fitting clothes to the studio

The day of the photoshoot, wear loose fitting clothes so you don’t have impression marks on your skin. Tight jeans, bras and socks can leave skin indents that will show up in photos. Even if you aren’t doing a nude set, marks have a way of peeking out from outfits. Also don’t forget to remove that hair tie from your wrist. That leaves a mark too, and they never look good in photos!

Boudoir wardrobe planning ideas

Set up a secret Pinterest board and we can share ideas there. Not only can we discuss wardrobe ideas, styles and colors, but we can share ideas on photos that you like. Photo sharing can inspire me to help create your own unique versions during your shoot.

Trust your instincts

Your boudoir shoot is all about you, so be honest with what you like. Your personality will shine through when you like what you have on and it is comfortable for you to wear.

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Also check out my Instagram feed and boudoir gallery to see what others have worn for their shoots. You will get plenty of ideas!

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