Boudoir photography celebrates you as a woman, so it makes sense that your photos should reflect your personality. While the idea of your photoshoot may make you nervous, boudoir is a lot of fun. Part of the fun is styling your boudoir session! It is a great chance to express your creativity. So let’s get started …

Tips for styling your session


Style your setting

Your location and setting are important to the quality of your photos. You may already know where you plan to shoot. Your boudoir photographer may have a studio, work out of luxury hotel rooms or Air BnB’s, or you may want the photos shot in your home.

You can also be super creative with your setting. If you are an outdoor type, a favorite outdoor spot may be the perfect location. Like the beach? Beach boudoir may be your style.

You don’t have to limit your boudoir photos to the bedroom either. A steamy shower scene may be to your liking. How about a sexy bake scene in the kitchen with a floured hand print on your bottom?

I generally shoot in my Maryland boudoir home studio. Sheets and look can be easily changed to create different looks, and it is a safe environment if you plan to get daring. I’ve also shot boudoir in client’s homes, hotels, and outdoors.

So think about what setting represents you the best and let’s make that a part of the styling for your boudoir session.

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Planning your color schemes

You don’t want to so far as changing every color in your space, but color schemes can play a big role in your boudoir shoot.

Doing some sports boudoir? Team colors for sheet and lingerie may be a good choice.

How about black lingerie on white sheets for a contrast style shoot?

Or white lingerie on red satin, or red lingerie on white for holiday boudoir?

Your color palette may include whites, ivory, blushes, pinks, blues, greens, black or reds. Choose your color scheme based on your complexion so you look great!

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Styling with accessories

When thinking about accessories, you may be thinking jewelry. There are other types of boudoir accessories to consider though. Think shoes, stockings, headpieces, fingernails, ribbons, and the list could go on. Get creative with complimentary colors to help your photos pop!

Boudoir outfit styles

Your outfits are obviously very important. The right lingerie for your boudoir shoot really makes a difference. You want to select styles that accentuates your natural beauty and flatters your body. Our clients all have unique shapes and curves, so determine what you look best in and style your shoot around those pieces.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to the studio if you have any questions or need help selecting outfits. And if you are looking for new pieces for your shoot, check out our article on where to buy boudoir lingerie.

One important thing to remember about boudoir outfits, you want to feel and be comfortable. If you feel sexy and comfortable in a sweater and jeans, then bring them. This is your shoot, your style!

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Makeup styles

Selecting your boudoir makeup is another important consideration. You want to look like the very best version of yourself! If your makeup is off or way different, you won’t look like yourself, which defeats the purpose of boudoir photography.

At our studio, you could do your own, but I recommend you opt for our luxury boudoir session which includes one of our professional makeup artists. She will work with you to create the look of your dreams and have you ready for your closeup!

Why go with a pro? Because it saves you the hassle and is one less thing you have to worry about the day of your photoshoot. You select the makeup style and then relax as she pampers you and makes you look even more beautiful than you already are!

I hope these tips gave you inspiration for styling your boudoir session. If you feel stuck or need advice, don’t hesitate to reach out to the studio. I’m here to help you plan your experience so you have a wonderful session and beautiful photos that will empower you.

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